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Louisiana Lemon Law Rights Consumer Guide

Louisiana Lemon Law Rights

This Louisiana Lemon Law Rights Consumer Guide is brought to by CarLemon.com and was prepared by the Louisiana Office of the Attorney General. In it you’ll find a great explanation of the Louisiana lemon law statute with the Louisiana lemon law definition and its presumptions. Read this guide, and then if you have more questions about your rights under the Louisiana automobile lemon law and the lemon law process generally, or if you want free help seeking remedies under the Louisiana lemon law on new cars, click to connect with a Louisiana lemon law attorney and get a free lemon law case review! Simply put, this Website is your one stop lemon law infosource whenever you need help with the Lousiana car lemon law.

What is the Louisiana Lemon Law?

The Lemon Law states that a manufacturer has a legal duty to repair a new motor vehicle. A “lemon” is defined as a new motor vehicle (it does not include newly leased or demonstrator vehicles, motorcycles, RVs, or mobile homes) that has a defect which substantially impairs the use and/or market value of the vehicle. This does not include defects caused by consumers abuse, neglect, or unauthorized modification of the vehicle.

In addition, a lemon automobile is one which does not conform to the express warranty and cannot be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts – at least four repair visits to correct the same malfunction during the warranty period or within one year of delivery of the vehicle; or if the vehicle has been out of service for repair for a combined total of at least 30 days during the same period. If the defect still exists, the manufacturer shall replace the lemon with a new vehicle or give a full refund.

However, a buyer must first use the free mediation or arbitration procedures that the manufacturer has set up to deal with complaints. In mediation, the manufacturer tries to satisfy the customer through a settlement. If the customer is not satisfied, the two parties will proceed to the second step, arbitration. Here an impartial third party will make a decision without the intervention of lawyers. Consumers should be prepared for arbitration procedures by keeping all receipts for car maintenance and repairs, letters from mechanics, and all maintenance records on the vehicle.

Consumer Tips
When purchasing a vehicle, keep these suggestions in mind:
TAKE TIME: Contact the Consumer Protection Section of the Attorney General’s Office or the Better Business Bureau for information about dealerships and manufacturers.

ASK QUESTIONS: Research the vehicle you are considering buying. Check with sources such as Consumer Reports and Consumer Digest.

NETWORK WITH OTHER CONSUMERS: Talk to people who have driven or who own the same vehicle.

BE INFORMED: Read the warranty before you buy the vehicle and ask about the arbitration procedure.

AFTER YOU’VE PURCHASED: Try to resolve problems with the dealer. If you don’t succeed, contact the manufacturer to address the problem. Meet with the manufacturer’s representative to inspect the vehicle. Participate in the mediation/arbitration procedures. If all else fails, find an attorney and consider filing suit.

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  1. Heather Negrotto

    I purchased a used 2009 jeep drove it 60 to 75 mi and the hot oil light came on. I called the dealership immediately and returned it to be put in the shop.  They said it needed a transmission cooler Put a small one on and about  a week later i got it back drove it maybe 100 mi and the hot oil & engine light came on. Again, returned it to the dealership and was told it needed a bigger transmission cooler & an engine sensor was out. It was in the shop over two weeks. Got or back drove it maybe 300 mi and the next day I was sitting at a red light when it starts smoking  (steaming ) and fluid pours all over the hwy. Had it towed again to the shop and they say it need a whole new transmission and the radiator hoses were dry-rotted.  It was obviously not in sale condition and they took advantage of someone who they knew had zero mechanical skills. 

    What are my options?  

    I want what I paid for it (I paid cash) minus tax title license. 

    Heather Negrotto 

  2. I had a 2009 Saturn Outlook for only 3 months. In the last Month of owning it, it began to give me problems. it was in the shop three times. And was costing me hundreds of dollars to fix ( money i did not have). And i asked the dealership to help me get something else, but they fixed and gave it back to me. The next week something else went wrong with it. So i called my salesman and told him that something else was wrong with it. Since i felt like they didn’t care i went to another dealership and got another car, but they didn’t take the car as a trade, told me to call the finance company and voluntary repo the car. So i did, now the finance company is saying i owe money on this lemon. My question is this should i be liable for the balance when the car is a lemon.

  3. I have a 2005 F250 with the 6.0 Diesel engine. I have had one ejector and the header and coolers blew k. Presently it has a compression issuse. Is there any avenue that I can recoupe my loses?

  4. The ejectors did not go out until the truck hit 70,000 miles. The design was flawed and because of the engineering the engine dos not io bad right away. All of the 6.0 owners were eventually told by desiel mechanics that there was no way to fix the engine other than buying a brand new engine. After spending $7,000 ( and I got off cheap) I ended up having a compression issues that mechanics said would cost from 8 to 9,000 dollars to fix with no guarantee that it he engine would run . It was a bad design for a diesel and millions were burned by Ford who settled with International ( who made the engines for Ford.

  5. I bought an 2005 Tahoe from a used car lot in Metairie had it for two weeks and the power steering went out and also leaks,floors hold water so there is a leak somewhere ( which I think is from the sun roof and also from the ac)ac don’t work , back hatch door or the hatch window doesn’t work,there’s a short in all of the electric doors, the heated seats,windows,radio, and interior lights. There is something wrong with my gas tank it spits out gas and won’t go down to the tank when pouring gas. But I am supposed to pay him 200 more dollars to get my tag from him! Yet when I called him and told him about all of these things that was wrong with the truck he didn’t say anything! But none of these things were mentioned nor wrote down on paper when I was buying the truck! He’s trying to get over on me but I don’t feel that he should get the 200 dollars that I do owe left on the truck especially with everything that I had to find out the hard way that’s wrong with the truck and with him not wanting to do anything about it!! I got a LEMON! What should I do?!?

    • Lemon laws primarily cover factory warranted new(er) cars. But there are a whole lot of rights that go along with a car deal and maybe some of those were violated. Give us a call, let’s see if we can help, no cost or obligation.

  6. We purchased a 2017 used Nissan Murano with less than 8k miles. Car fax and dealership claim car never damaged. Within a week I bought the car back because appears in an accident, due to door not aligning and hollow noise in passenger door panels etc. As of today the dealership has had my car in their body shop for 11 days with smoke and mirrors of it was minor to now ordering more parts etc. Do I even have a standing in this case? They have admitted they think something happened to car previously. They are “fixing” it but I want piece of mind that the car will be safe, frame not damaged, etc. extremely frustrating as I’ve had the rental car for same amount of time I actually had my car.

  7. We bought a ford focus fully loaded. September of last year. It’s been service every 3000 miles at the dealer ship. I have problems with it shaking everything we turn and the valves clatter all the time. It’s in the shop for the 2nd time now they saying it’s the transmission clutch. It’s been in the shop over a week now and still haven’t heard anything. What can I do??

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