Arizona Lemon Law

Arizona consumers with lemon vehicles may be protected under either the Arizona Lemon Law, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (the federal lemon law), or both. Remedies may include refund, replacement or cash compensation such as diminished value and/or incidental and consequential damages. Attorneys’ fees also available meaning qualified consumers may receive Arizona lemon law attorney representation at no cost.

And even if a vehicle doesn’t qualify under a lemon law statute, other car buying laws or consumer protection statutes such as the Truth In Lending Act may provide an avenue to recover cash damages that can help you trade out or pay for repairs.

Connect here for a free, no obligation Arizona Lemon Law case review. In most instances to qualify under a lemon law your vehicle must only have an unreasonable repair history under the warranty, including (but not limited to) 3-4 repair attempts for the same problem, 6 repairs total on the vehicle, or 30 days out of service by reason of repair.

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Arizona Lemon Law (Arizona Motor Vehicle Warranties Act, A.R.S. 44-1261 to 44-1267)

Arizona Lemon Law Statutes. A.R.S. 44-1261. Definitions; exemptions

A. In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. “Consumer” means the purchaser, other than for purposes of resale, of a motor vehicle, any person to whom the motor vehicle is transferred during the duration of an express warranty applicable to the motor vehicle or any other person entitled by the terms of the warranty to enforce the obligations of the warranty.

2. “Motor vehicle” means a self-propelled vehicle designated primarily for the transportation of persons or property over the public highways.

3. “Used motor vehicle” means a motor vehicle that has been sold, bargained, exchanged or given away or the title to which has been transferred from the person who first acquired the vehicle from the manufacturer, importer or dealer or agent of the manufacturer or importer and that has been placed in bona fide consumer use.

4. “Used motor vehicle dealer” means a person or business that sells or offers for sale a used motor vehicle after selling or offering for sale four or more used motor vehicles in the previous twelve months but does not include a bank or financial institution, an insurance company, a business selling a used motor vehicle to an employee of that business, a lessor selling a leased vehicle by or to the lessee of that vehicle or to an employee of the lessee of that vehicle or a person who buys, sells, exchanges or offers or attempts to negotiate a sale of or exchange an interest in a classic car as defined in § 28-2483 or a historic vehicle as defined in § 28-2484.

B. If the motor vehicle is a motor home, the provisions of this article shall apply to the self-propelled vehicle and chassis but not to those portions of the vehicle designed, used or maintained primarily as a mobile dwelling, office or commercial space.

C. The provisions of this article do not apply to a sale of a motor vehicle to a purchaser for the purpose of resale for profit or to a motor vehicle with a declared gross weight over ten thousand pounds or that is sold at a public auction.

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Arizona Lemon Law Rights. A.R.S. 44-1262. New motor vehicle; repair during express warranty or two years or twenty-four thousand miles

A. If a new motor vehicle does not conform to all applicable express warranties:

1. A consumer shall report the nonconformity to the manufacturer, its agent or its authorized dealer or issuer of a warranty during the shorter of the following:

(a) The term of the express warranty.

(b) The period of two years or twenty-four thousand miles following the date of original delivery of the motor vehicle to the consumer, whichever is earlier.

2. The manufacturer, its agent or its authorized dealer or the issuer of a warranty shall make those repairs that are necessary to conform the motor vehicle to such express warranties, even if the repairs are made after the expiration of the term or two year period or twenty-four thousand mile limit.

B. This section does not limit in any way the remedies available to a consumer under a new motor vehicle warranty that extends beyond the limits prescribed in this section.

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Arizona New Car Lemon Law. A.R.S. 44-1263. Inability to conform motor vehicle to express warranty; replacement of vehicle or refund of monies; affirmative defenses; tax refund

A. If the manufacturer, its agents or its authorized dealers are unable to conform the motor vehicle to any applicable express warranty by repairing or correcting any defect or condition which substantially impairs the use and value of the motor vehicle to the consumer after a reasonable number of attempts, the manufacturer shall replace the motor vehicle with a new motor vehicle or accept return of the motor vehicle from the consumer and refund to the consumer the full purchase price, including all collateral charges, less a reasonable allowance for the consumer’s use of the vehicle. The manufacturer shall make refunds to the consumer and lienholder, if any, as their interests appear. A reasonable allowance for use is that amount directly attributable to use by the consumer before his first written report of the nonconformity to the manufacturer, agent or dealer and during any subsequent period when the vehicle is not out of service by reason of repair.

B. It is an affirmative defense to any claim under this article that either:

1. An alleged nonconformity does not substantially impair the use and market value of the motor vehicle.

2. A nonconformity is the result of abuse, neglect or unauthorized modifications or alterations of the motor vehicle.

C. In the case of taxes paid pursuant to title 42, chapter 5,1 if the manufacturer:

1. Accepts return of a motor vehicle from a consumer without replacing the motor vehicle, the manufacturer shall refund the amount of tax attributed to the sale of the vehicle to that consumer.

2. Replaces a motor vehicle with a new motor vehicle of lesser value, the manufacturer shall refund the difference between the original amount of tax attributed to the sale of that vehicle and the amount of tax attributed to the sale of the replacement vehicle, excluding the value of the motor vehicle being replaced.

3. Replaces a motor vehicle with a new motor vehicle of greater value, the manufacturer shall calculate the gross proceeds of sales pursuant to § 42-5001, paragraph 6.

D. Pursuant to § 42-1118, subsection F, the manufacturer may apply to the department of revenue for a refund for the amount of tax that the manufacturer properly refunds to the consumer.

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Arizona Automobile Lemon Law. A.R.S. 44-1264. Reasonable number of attempts to conform motor vehicle to express warranty; presumption

A. It is presumed that a reasonable number of attempts have been undertaken to conform a motor vehicle to the applicable express warranties if either:

1. The same nonconformity has been subject to repair four or more times by the manufacturer or its agents or authorized dealers during the shorter of the express warranty term or the period of two years or twenty-four thousand miles following the date of original delivery of the motor vehicle to the consumer, whichever is earlier, but the nonconformity continues to exist.

2. The motor vehicle is out of service by reason of repair for a cumulative total of thirty or more calendar days during the shorter of the express warranty term or the two year period or twenty-four thousand miles, whichever is earlier.

B. The term of an express warranty, the two year period and the thirty day period are extended by any period of time during which repair services are not available to the consumer because of any war, invasion, strike, fire, flood or other natural disaster.

C. The presumption prescribed in this section does not apply against a manufacturer unless the manufacturer has received prior direct written notification from or on behalf of the consumer of the alleged defect and has had an opportunity to cure the alleged defect.

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Arizona Vehicle Lemon Law. A.R.S. 44-1265. Nonlimitation of rights; refund or replacement not required if certain procedures not followed; attorney fees

A. If a manufacturer has established or participates in an informal dispute settlement procedure which complies in all respects with 16 Code of Federal Regulations part 703, § 44-1263 relating to refunds or replacement does not apply to any consumer who has not first resorted to such a procedure.

B. A consumer shall begin an action under this article within six months following the earlier of expiration of the express warranty term or two years or twenty-four thousand miles following the date of original delivery of the motor vehicle to the consumer, whichever is earlier. If a consumer prevails in an action under this article, the court shall award the consumer reasonable costs and attorney fees.

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Arizona Lemon Law Statutes. A.R.S. 44-1266. Notice to dealers and prospective purchasers

A. A manufacturer who has been ordered by judgment or decree to replace or repurchase or who has replaced or repurchased a motor vehicle pursuant to this article or the repair or replace laws of another state shall, before offering the motor vehicle for resale, attach to the motor vehicle written notification indicating the motor vehicle has been replaced or repurchased. A consumer has a cause of action against any person who removes the written notification from the motor vehicle, except as provided in subsection B of this section.

B. A motor vehicle dealer, broker, wholesale motor vehicle dealer or wholesale motor vehicle auction dealer as defined in § 28-4301 who offers for sale a motor vehicle that has been replaced or repurchased pursuant to this article or the repair or replace laws of another state shall provide the purchaser with the manufacturer’s written notification indicating that the motor vehicle has been replaced or repurchased before completion of the sale.

C. It shall constitute an affirmative defense in an action brought pursuant to subsection A of this section against a motor vehicle dealer or an agent of a motor vehicle dealer that the notification described in subsection A of this section was removed by someone other than the dealer or agent without the knowledge of the dealer or agent.

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Arizona Used Car Lemon Law. A.R.S. 44-1267. Used motor vehicles; title; implied warranty of merchantability disclaimer; waiver; burden of proof; remedies

A. Before the seller attempts to sell a used motor vehicle the seller shall possess the title to the used motor vehicle and the title shall be in the seller’s name.

B. Except as provided in subsection I of this section and in addition to the requirements of § 28-4412, a used motor vehicle dealer shall not exclude, modify or disclaim the implied warranty of merchantability prescribed in § 47-2314 or limit the remedies for a breach of that warranty, except as otherwise provided in this section, before midnight of the fifteenth calendar day after delivery of a used motor vehicle or until a used motor vehicle is driven five hundred miles after delivery, whichever is earlier. In calculating time under this subsection, a day on which the warranty is breached is excluded and all subsequent days in which the motor vehicle fails to conform with the implied warranty of merchantability are also excluded. In calculating distance under this subsection, the miles driven to obtain or in connection with the repair, servicing or testing of the motor vehicle that fails to conform with the implied warranty of merchantability are excluded. An attempt to exclude, modify or disclaim the implied warranty of merchantability or to limit the remedies for a breach of that warranty, except as otherwise provided in this section, in violation of this subsection renders a purchase agreement voidable at the option of the purchaser.

C. For the purposes of this section, the implied warranty of merchantability is met if the motor vehicle functions in a safe condition as provided in title 28, chapter 3, article 161 and is substantially free of any defect that significantly limits the use of the motor vehicle for the ordinary purpose of transportation on any public highway. The implied warranty of merchantability expires at midnight of the fifteenth calendar day after delivery of a used motor vehicle or when a used motor vehicle has been driven five hundred miles after delivery, whichever is earlier. In calculating time under this subsection, a day on which the warranty is breached is excluded and all subsequent days in which the motor vehicle fails to conform with the implied warranty of merchantability are also excluded. In calculating distance under this subsection, the miles driven to obtain or in connection with the repair, servicing or testing of the motor vehicle that fails to conform with the implied warranty of merchantability are excluded.

D. The implied warranty of merchantability described in this section does not extend to damage that occurs after the sale of the motor vehicle and that is the result of any abuse, misuse, neglect, failure to perform regular maintenance or to maintain adequate oil, coolant or other required fluid or lubricant or off road use, racing or towing.

E. If the implied warranty of merchantability described in this section is breached, the purchaser shall give reasonable notice to the seller. Before the purchaser exercises any other remedies under title 47, chapter 2,2 the seller shall have a reasonable opportunity to repair the vehicle. The purchaser shall pay one-half of the cost of the first two repairs necessary to bring the vehicle in compliance with the warranty. The purchaser’s payments are limited to a maximum payment of twenty-five dollars for each repair.

F. The maximum liability of the seller under this section is limited to the purchase price paid for the used motor vehicle.

G. An agreement for the sale of a used motor vehicle by a used motor vehicle dealer is voidable at the option of the purchaser unless it contains on its face the following conspicuous statement printed in bold-faced ten point or larger type set off from the body of the agreement:

The seller hereby warrants that this vehicle will be fit for the ordinary purposes for which the vehicle is used for 15 days or 500 miles after delivery, whichever is earlier, except with regard to particular defects disclosed on the first page of this agreement. You (the purchaser) will have to pay up to $25.00 for each of the first two repairs if the warranty is violated.

H. The inclusion of the statement prescribed in subsection G of this section in the agreement does not create an express warranty.

I. A purchaser of a used motor vehicle may waive the implied warranty of merchantability described in this section only for a particular defect in the vehicle and only if all of the following conditions are satisfied:

1. The used motor vehicle dealer fully and accurately discloses to the purchaser that because of circumstances unusual to the used motor vehicle dealer’s business, the used motor vehicle has a particular defect.

2. The purchaser agrees to buy the used motor vehicle after disclosure of the defect.

3. Before the sale, the purchaser indicates agreement to the waiver by signing and dating the following conspicuous statement that is printed on the first page of the sales agreement in bold-faced ten point or larger type and that is written in the language in which the presentation was made:

Attention purchaser: sign here only if the dealer told you that this vehicle has the following problem(s) and that you agree to buy the vehicle on those terms:


J. The dealer has the burden to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the dealer complied with subsection I of this section.

K. Any purchaser or seller who is aggrieved by a transaction pursuant to this section and who seeks a legal remedy shall pursue any appropriate remedy prescribed in title 47, chapter 2 and shall comply with the requirements prescribed in title 47, chapter 2.

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  1. Danny Levkowitz

    please contact me at 247-XXXX

  2. does this apply to a commercial vehicle (semi truck). purchased used

  3. Son bought a car at Drive now in Tolleson Az and its been to the shop once plugs and wires changed. Now there is another problem and he has til sunday b4 this 15 day lemon ends so the dealership says. However hes called daily to get it in the shop and they will not answer when they see his number is there help for this matter? I was in Az at the time of purchase and this has been nothing but a run around game to me and really crazy to deal with. Please call or text me at 5808230033

  4. I went to USA auto (used car delaership) I signed papers for a 2012 chevy cruze for 17k , $2000 down. It hasnt been processed yet. I notified them the day after that the car was not running properly, the ac didnt work, etc. They took the car into their shop and kept it for 9 days. They called me to tell me “their shop” doesnt have the tools they need to find the problem so they were going to send it to chevy dealership. They have been hounding me for the down payment So I went and paid the amount owed (even though i do not have a car). I now understand that the car has been in a accident (via carfax) and they didnt tell me this prior. They want to switch me into a different car so I test drove the “new car” and it was horrible. Now they tell me there is nothing I can do I have to pay for the car. Although the paper work has not been sent out etc. What can I do? Am i stuck with this car that does not work? Shouldnt they bring down the price if it has been wrecked?? I did not have it for more than 2 days and they have it there at the shop.

  5. Does the Arizona lemon law apply to All terrain vehicles? I purchased a sand rail off craigslist from a private seller. The vehicle ran fine when I test drove it on the day of purchase. The next day I went to drive it around the neighborhood and it doesn’t have any power. Also, there’s a bunch of oil leaked under it. This seams like a junk sand rail. Can I ask for my money back and do they have to return my money?

  6. Daughter bought a used 2010-2011 Jeep wrangler. Since her purchase in March from Lincoln Jeep and Mercury dealership in Tucson, She has had the vehicle towed in on 6 different occasion 4 of those she was told the shop could not locate the source of the problem The last time it was taken in she spoke to the shop manager to report the frequency and results of shop diagnostics ($100 per incident by the way)She was then informed that this time they found problems with the starter as well as several other small problems and that her “bumper to bumper” warrantee which she purchased at the same time, did not cover the starter and the cost would be $1000.00. She paid and picked the car up within 2 hours of driving the check engine sign came on they returned the vehicle to the shop who is now stating that her catalytic converter is bad and is also not cover under the warranty.
    Does she have a leg to stand on? and what is the process for formalizing a complaint?

  7. We purchased a 2008 Pontiac Torrent and would like to know if the following falls under Warranty of Merchantability-
    The Check Engine Light is now on
    Service Traction Control/Stabilitrak light is on
    Outside temperature gauge is malfunctioning which impacts if the A/C works.
    We are, as of July 28, 17 miles away from hitting the 500 mile mark and the 15th day will be this Friday.
    Thanks in advance for answering this question. Laura

  8. I purchased a new vehicle in NV at the end of May. It is preparing to go to the dealer in AZ where I live for an issue with the door locks and bluetooth connectivity for the second time. Does my door lock issue (assuming it doesn’t get fixed) qualify under AZ Lemon Laws or do I have to handle this in NV? As of today the car still has less than 1,600 miles on it.

  9. Hello do knw where i can get help i bought a 03 tahoe and they changed the Odometer. It was a private sale now im out of $5,000 and desperate.

  10. Does this apply to motorcycles I was sold an extended warranty and told it covered all parts on the motorcycle except the tires as long as I took it to a Harley Davidson Dealership. I found out it had aftermarket parts on it and have been getting the run around since the dealership agreed to have the bike fixed but kept making statements that they will get it repaired however I they have been sitting on it now 2 weeks later they said they made an appointment to get it fixed however they are trying not to replace to aftermarket parts to make it a valid warranty.

  11. I purchased a 2007 Nissan quest on Thurs..on Fri the check engine light came on..the gas pedal went to the floor..the vehical wouldn’t go over 5 mph..I called the person I bought it from ..they put a diagnosistic on it ..reset it and said it was a sensor in the transmission.. The next day I took it back to their shop.I had to pay them $20 ….they told Me their cousin fixed it..yesterday it started doing the same thing ..around 25 mph and around 40 mph it jumps real hard like it having trouble going in gear..what should I do..very desperate.. I’m physically disabled and raising 3 small grandson on my own…I don’t have money left everything went on this vehical

  12. Thank you for ur reply I will call the number in the morning…I’m very greatful.

  13. I leased a 2013 van for work and had nothing but problems with it from the start. Once when I brought it in for warranty repairs it was damaged by a worker and needed additional time for the repair to the body. After I picked it up the original problems were not repaired. Finally the repairs were done but now new problems exist. What is/are my options?

    • Could have several, but we need more facts. You can call 888-595-9111 for a free, no obligation consult, or fax your purchase dox, warranty/service contract and repair orders to 866-773-6152 for a free, fast review.

  14. I purchased a used car in Sept. 2013. I was assured that the vehicle had never been in an accident. I attempted to trade in the car, and have found out through AutoCheck the car has been in 4 accidents. Do I have a claim against the dealership ?

  15. Bought a ford f 150 used from truckmax in AZ and 1 week later the car broke down. Took it to a ford dealership they said it needed a new engine. Took it bck to truckmax they didnt want to buy a new engine and did mediocre repairs and the truck brokw down again today what can we do?

  16. My mother purchased a c.p.o. 2013 elantra in arizona. Her mother had broken her neck and she needed to go to see her. She noticed the car would bounce excessively on the freeway becoming uncontrollable. She took it to the dealer to have it checked they said they aligned it. It didn’t help. She took it in again they said it was aligned but her tire pressure was wrong. They didn’t do anything to the car I checked the pressure before and after dropping it off it was the same. Immediately took the car less than a mile away and had the tire pressure checked which shows they did not do as they stated also the next morning had an alignment check to find out the car has to be sent to a frame shop before it can be aligned. The dealer won’t do anything about it they just keep lying about repairs. Is there anything that she can do she is too scared to drive it anywhere on the highway.

  17. I have a 2004 F-150 Triton 5.4 truck, it started dying when stopping at lights, ect…we took it to Ford & had it diagnosed as the cam phazers. We replaced the cam phazers the truck is still running poorly I was told it is the guides/chains & tensioner now. We still owe money on this truck it only has 93,000 miles on it. It is useless the engine light is still on, we can’t get plates on it because it won’t pass emmisions & is running pretty rough. I had read that there was a class action lawsuit in 2013 for the same problem, Ford knew there was a problem with this engine and did not recall it. It is VERY dangerous to drive it stalled as we were pulling into a gas station and came close to hitting the pumps. Do I have to wait till we are killed or seriously injured before Ford will do anything?

  18. i purchased a car 2 years ago, for fair market price. went to trade it in and apparently it has a “lemon title” which i was not informed of. i paid 18k for this car two years ago and because of this title it is appraised for 3k. is there any legal action i can take for not being informed of this, and being screwed on that price of the car?

  19. Our vehicle has been in the shop more 5 and we have had our vehicle just a Lil over a yr and every time something else happens just got my car back again on Tuesday and now something else is happening another Lil came on I am just over stressed and above all I started a new job as well taken of my husband who just recently had a kidney transplant I so overwhelmed. I truly need help and answer to what I can do to Showcase Honda of Phoenix

  20. I bought a 2011 Chevy Impala LS from Trucks Only-Mesa back on 7/28/2015. It was running good, no trouble at all, then we took it to the shop today due to a strange noise while going down the highway. We’re now being told the engine mounts need to be replaced, front end alignment, 2 new front tires due to feathering of the tread and the passenger front bearing assembly needs replaced … all in all a $2500 repair bill on a car that cost us $8-9,000 before financing fees.
    In my opinion these are problems that should have been fixed before being sold, not to mention the used car dealership did an oil change and inspection on the car a couple of weeks ago and said nothing about these needing to be repaired.

  21. My daughter purchased a ’15 Ford Fiesta. She has taken it to the shop at least 4 times. First right side speakers were not working, they found a wire that was not hooked up, then the mp3 port would not work, and then they found another wire, which has to be ordered to fix, and then her cruise control was not working, when she took it in they took of the steering wheel to find the wire was severed, and along with it it was causing the clutch shift to have issues. Took it to the FORD dealership, and of course they didn’t want to talk Lemon, or buy back. At this point, I know just to document all the issues, but at what point could this fall into the “LEMON” law?

  22. Bought a 2007 Dodge Caliber SXT on Aug 29….was informed it came with an automatic power train warranty for 15 days or 500 miles whichever came first. On Sept 1 I went out to a dead car and had to have it jumped to start so I could go to my usual mechanic. They tested the system and found the battery needed to be replaced which I went ahead and did it though I had my battery from my old car put in it which had been tested on Aug 28 showing it was fully charged….but on Sept 1 it was now dead.. The car afterwards started making a grinding sound behind the radio which I thought was either that draining the battery or possibly the anti theft system that came with the car. Took it to the dealership where I could it they charged me $130 for diagnostic which would apply to repair if diagnosed. They came back that the CD player on the radio was not shutting down when radio was turned off but continued to cycle….they took out the fuse and we were going to look to replace the radio this week….they were 99% sure this had caused the battery drain. Well now it is the 7th and this morning I have gone out to a dead car again so that was not the problem. Am going back to the dealer tomorrow as their service dept is closed today for the holiday. Car was sold as is except for warranty stated before… there something I can do and does the used care law law apply????

  23. Bought BRAND NEW 2015 Taurus.SHO in Phoenix as a CA resident. Couldn’t find SHO in So Cal, so went to Phoenix. Not registered in CA yet. At 50 day mark, with 1100 miles on it, it started lurching and then stalled. Dealer here says MAJOR repair, may take weeks…may need to “replace engine”. I really don’t want a brand new car with replaced engine (I’m not NASCAR!). Am I covered by AZ or CA lemon laws or BOTH?? I want deal killed or new one from Ford. Options??

  24. hello, we purchased a used vehicle in 2014 in Arizona.. come to find out a few days ago our insurance company ran a vehicle history report. it showed that our vehicle was declared a LEMON in california 2003.
    the dealership did not disclose this information and we have had nothing but problem with this vehicle.
    what do we do??

  25. I purchased a 2009 nissan cube in feb it’s been back to the shop a few times. Recently the car completely lost power that was a month ago. The dealership could not figure out the problem so they sent it to nissan. Nissan replaced a part got power but the car still will not start and they can’t seem to figure it out either and they’re the manufacturer, where do I go from here?

  26. Looking for a lemon law lawyer and your info was given on a website. I bought a brand new UTV back in may 2015. It’s an odes dominator x. I have had nothing but issues with this unit mainly with the transmission not shifting properly. I have had it serviced at 2 different service shops 1 being pbo autos sales mechanic where I purchased the unit they had it for 4 weeks and returned unit to me still broke. I then contacted odes and was told to take the unit to another authorized service place. They had the unit for 6 weeks and said they couldn’t fix it and that odes wouldn’t give them any info on how to fix transmission. Also both front seats falling apart,4×4 won’t engage intermittently, starting issue. This unit has been defective from day 1. I have all service records as well as pictures and videos of issues. I just want my money back. Any help would be great. This unit is untouched in my
    garage and I continue to make my monthly payments for a UTV that is undrivable

    • I feel your pain this below is my review to the BBB, we all need to get together and go after this company!
      Purchased a Dominator 8004DR December 2013, I have owned this vehicle now for 32 months & the machine has been out of my possession in repair facilities being repaired 26 out of the 32 months, including having to tow it 5hrs away to be thoroughly repaired by an Odes Special Advisor/Tech whom ended up having it 11 months. As of 09/2016, the machine has 256miles & 24hrs on it. I’ve attempted to take this machine on 4 designated group rides and all 4 times it has broken down & had to be towed back. The company does not stand behind their product, I’m currently filing a lawsuit under the lemon laws of my state.

  27. We got a 2008 HHR LS. The engine light comes on and the tire light too. We had it in the shop the dealership send us too 6 times. The lights are still on. We got the car June if this year. We do not know what to do.

    Please let me know.
    Thank you Maggie

  28. Purchased a used 2006 lexus GS300 from a used car dealer. We have an agreement for them to fix the radio in my vehicle in writing and they still have not taken care of it its been two months and the had lexus run a dignostic on it and lexus wanted to charge them $1300 to fix the radio so they did not do it but said they will fix it soon. They’ve had me take the car to hole in the wall places just to be told by the sketchy mechanic that they cant fix it. Ive been told 3 times that they have ordered the amp to fix it for $550 but it still has not arrived. In addition to this within the first month they had my car for close to 14 or 15 days “Looking into the issue” but never fixing it. Ive been given a crappy loaner that the window doesnt roll up, and now the vehicle has shut off on me 4 times, once on the freeway with my 9 year old and I in it, i purchased a new battery and had the dealer tow it because it still wasnt working. The dealer said the alternator was fine and that its working now. I picked it up and next day it wont start again. I took the battery to autozone and they said uts perfect. And just today it shut off again with my newborn, 9 year old, and also my wife inside almost causing us to be hit twice while pushing it off of the road. Its been more than 15 days that i’ve had the vehicle and ive put more than 500 miles on it as well. Is there anything i can do? I put $1,000 down cash and have already made my first $398.00 payment. Can i recor my conversation with the dealer and use it against them? Thanks for any information you can provide.

  29. I bought a new 2014 ford focus. Sunce then it has been in the shop once with a new clutch repair. This second time I gave been waiting 2 months now for a second new clutch repair. All under warrenty. However I was still druving this car around when it shut down on me in the middle of the intersection due ti clutch repair light warning and car was inabled for 5 mins. Thank god no ine hit us. There is so much to this story and u would like to talk to someone asap

  30. I purchased the vehicle on December 4, 2015. Last part of December, the vehicle overheated. I took it to Robles Auto Sales were I bought it. They said the hoses came off. They repaired it, no problem. Then on January 8 of this year, it overheated again. Also, the car died in the middle of the intersection of Highlander Ave and 16th street during that major storm that day with my daughter who just got out of the hospital doing a round of chemo. I had the dealer tow it since I have basic auto insurance and it didn’t cover towing. The tower said it would cost just $ 30 to tow it because Robles uses then exclusively.
    Now when I mentioned that I got the heater repaired and installed a radio, I mentioned I would like to use that as payment for the current repairs. That got the agent mad to say the least….

  31. I bought a 2009 ram 2500, test drive it. Drove fine first night or driving it got the death wobble, took it to the shop fix it took it back 3 days later for a clicking noise when I turn, can I use the lemon law if I feel the vehicle is unsafe to drive and they tell me it’s safe?

  32. I bought a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Sport in June, 2015. Before I had it a month the air stopped working, when I took it in the next day it had started working again so they told me to wait until it did it again. Then on July 30, 2015 we drove to town and stopped at a circle K to get a drink, left the car running with the air on as my Mother was in the car. When we put the car in reverse, it wouldn’t move, lightning bolt and engine light came on. Shut the car off, re-started it put in reverse and it moved (engine light stayed on) Took in for repair all they did was re-set the computer, same thing happened again in Sept, they again re-set the computer. Same thing happened again in Jan, 2016 this time they said there was two sensors that weren’t in sync with each other so replace a module. Same thing happened again March 12, 2016 this time they are saying the accelerator pedal needs replaced. This is the fourth time with the same issues. What are my options if this time it doesn’t take care of the problem and it happens again?

  33. I bought 2 used car in AZ about 2 years ago. I went to trade one in recently (to another dealer) and that dealer told me it was a Lemon, based on car fax and I was going to take a very very big hit. Because of this I checked the other vehicle and found it also was reported as a lemon. This was never disclosed to me, on either vehicle, by the dealer who I bought them from. What are my options?

  34. I just bought a brand new Cadillac ATS coupe (2015) in 07/2015. I have had half the computer shut down twice on me. The car is at the dealership now and they say they will need to replace the dash/motherboard. I’m really hoping it works out this time but if it shuts down again I honestly want to do everything I can to get rid of it as my car is all electronic and it is just not safe to drive with the computer messing up. What additional factors would have to happen for me to even start the request of using the Lemon Law?

  35. I purchased a new car 6 months ago. I took it last week to a routine oil change, as the car has 9000+ miles on it. Turns out the technician at the dealership left the oil cap off, and before I noticed anything, oil has leaked all over the engine and the hood and everywhere. Not to mention the nauseating smell of oil that got me suspecting. I ran the car with little to no oil without noticing. Took it back to them, they gave me a temporary car and a slip that pretty much says they will do any repairs as necessary, as the engine now is compromised because of the leaked oil. The dealership is not taking responsibility other than to say “they’ll fix it.” I am worried that it’s a brand new car, and not if they do end up replacing the engine, that the car will experience much more problems in the future. All of the warranties are still in play but I don’t think they should be, as it should be the dealerships own insurances and warranties, since it was their fault. I don’t know what to do as I don’t want to make payments on a “new car” that is obviously not new anymore as the engine will be severely messed with ….. HELP!

  36. I purchased a 2004 Nissan Titan February 22nd 2016, and saw the air bag malfunction light flashing, and the radio not functioning. The dealers [Lens Auto Brokerage] salesman said they would make all repairs to make good on the defects. They put a stereo in, and has been serviced no less than five times and still doesn’t work. The airbag was diagnosed four different times, and four different used airbag parts installed. This last time the attempt to repair has been two weeks in their shop and still no fix. Out of the ten weeks I have owned this truck, it has been in their shop over half of this time, still no fix in sight. Since the dealer agreed to make the repairs in a timely fashion, but has not succeeded, I am still out of a vehicle to drive, unless I rent a car. Being this is a used truck, do I fall into the Lemon Law category?

  37. I bought a certified pre-owned 2015 Chrysler 200S. I bought it with 10,000 miles on it and I have had it for one full year and now only has 16,000 miles on it. In one year, it has been to the dealership 7 times. 3 recalls, and three transmission issues. The other time was a bad battery. Am I eligible for lemon law or what are my options. Any info would help. Thank you!

  38. I purchased a brand new Altima in May 2014 and it has since been in the shop twice for a faulty passenger airbag sensor. The issue is still not fixed and today I received a recall notice for the very same issue. The recall notice says they will recalibrate the passenger airbag system, but this is the ‘fix’ they completed twice before to no avail. I’m outside 2 years and 24k miles. Do I have any recourse since this issue started occurring BEFORE I was outside the lemon law parameters? Thanks for your help.

  39. I bought a car for my wife at Miranda Auto Sales in Phoenix the owner of the dealership really nice at first said he would help out if any repairs needed in future while purchasing the car. Turns out I looked into my car info and it’s a restored salvage vehichle I called him up and said that I need my money back and you can have your car back also. The man refuses to give me my money back sends me to a financial institute when he said at first you buy here and you pay here even on his dealership it says that in bold letters now not only do I have a restored salvage car now I have a financial institute calling me that they want their money. It took me 5 years to clean up my credit and now this guy is on the verge of ruining it. I would like to find out if there’s any legal matter I can do to get this mess situated the car probably was passed through inspection in an illegal way because the hood of the car looks like it’s on the verge to pop open at any given time on the freeway that’s a great reason why it’s parked at my house because I don’t want to be the reason of a fatal accident please anyone any suggetions.

  40. I have had my Acura 2015 TLX in to Acura this will be the 4th time since I have owned the car less than one year, it has less than 24,000 miles on it. It keeps going in for a total system shutdown, meaning everthing shuts down but the engine and the first time this happened I could only get it up to 30mph to get it back to the dealer. They keep resetting the computer and it happens again and again. They keep telling me they reset it and it works fine, but my question is at what point does Acura reimburse me for the non-dependable vehicle I cannot even take on a road trip for fear of being stranded? Thank God I purchased the bumper to bumper warranty, but when is enough enough.

  41. Just purchased a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country on 07/05/2016 and on 07/11/2016 turned it back in to repair transmission and brake issue under 15 day 500 mile implied warranty. Picked up vehicle today 07/26/2016 and the brakes are not fixed and there are other issues now as well. In the sales agreement and according to the AZ lemon law it states 15 days or 500 miles from delivery, so I was wondering is this from 07/05/2016 when we signed the agreement or does it pertain to the time we had physical possession of the vehicle?

  42. Is an independent inspection required to file a lemon law claim? Is it helpful when presenting a claim to have the car inspected by someone other than the dealer to prove the problem was there and within the time frame?

    My company, Test Drive Buddy, provides on-demand used car inspections and we’d love to help any of your clients by providing a 2nd-opinion inspection as well as a pre-purchase inspection on their next vehicle to make sure they don’t buy another lemon.

  43. I bought a used 2012 hard top convertible from the dealership (also purchased ext warranty). From day 3 I noticed issues when putting the top down. Took in the vehicle and “got it fixed”. A few weeks later again issues with the top going down. I have taken it into the dealership at least 4 times…now again tomorrow to complain that I am having the SAME issue that I just took in last week for. I am getting so frustrated. What possibilities or choices do I have?

  44. My story starts on 18 of May 2017 .Auto Nation North Phoenix is the beginning of my adventure. Traded my vary nice o8 BMW Z4 with 85k plus cash for what looked like a vary nice 06 BMW 650I with 69000 that had a lot of work done by them ,oil leaks and some other parts ,that was music to my ears .so we made the deal and I also told them I’m taking car to Bovarion motors in Phoenix to get it inspected for any thing else 5/19/17 mechanic found swaybar leaking that was obvious and a nother oil leak that inspection cost me 100 bucks went back to dealership same day and showed them the report as they bitched about the repair I told them the deal was off .they agreed to get it fixed at Bovarion .car sat for 5/20 to 5/21 the week end got car down to shop on 5/22/17 with in Auto Nation 5 day or 150 mile money back guarantee shop fixed oil leak but noticed a bigger problem while it was idling, a little blue smoke until you gave it gas then it became a cloud of blue smoke ,leaking valve seals. I let Auto Nation know of problem, they thought it was a scam I wasn’t able to pick car up tell the 25th drove it back to Auto Nation to show them and then it became a finger pointing game saying Bovarion motors did something to the car to make it smoke .when I left after spending the whole day there and there notion of some one could make that happen went out the window, the shop manager said they would get it fixed .haven’t heard from any body.

    • The AZ lemon law has a statutory 15 day/500 mile implied warranty of merchantability, arises after purchase. If you had these problems within the earlier of 15 days/500 miles, seller was required to fix at max cost of $25 to you. If that didn’t happen, you may have a case, please call for a free case review.

  45. Excellent points made concerning lemon law and issues. Great to see your law firm pursues legal recourse for victims.

  46. Hello! Are you doing anything for Ford Focus transmission issues? I’m considering opting out of class action lawsuit. I don’t feel it’s enough for the faulty transmission and road ahead.

  47. I bought a 2005 expedition from a private owner ,when test driving I noticed a hesitation on take off, when returning to place where we met I mentioned the hesitation and they told me that the shop told them it needed a tune up, this morning I went outside and noticed leaking on my carport from transmission area , is this fall under lemon law in AZ.

  48. I bought a new 2018 ford f150 from camelback ford in February 2018. I have had the truck 2 and a half weeks and the spark plugs and valves melted. Also a cylinder lost compression. It has 1400 miles on it. I asked for my money back and ford and the dealership said no. It has been 2 weeks since it has been in the shop. I haven’t even made a payment on it. The gm of the dealership said it would be tough to take back as it is used now but he would do a trade in at a reduced cost. So I’m screwed. Also all of the parts are on back order. Ford is not helpful either.

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