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Kansas consumers with lemon vehicles may be protected under either the Kansas Lemon Law, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (the federal lemon law), or both. Remedies may include refund, replacement or cash compensation such as diminished value and/or incidental and consequential damages. Attorneys’ fees also available meaning qualified consumers may receive Kansas lemon law attorney representation at no cost.

And even if a vehicle doesn’t qualify under either of these lemon laws, the Truth In Lending Act and/or other related car buying laws may provide an avenue to recover cash damages that can help you trade out or pay for repairs.

Connect here for a free, no obligation Kansas Lemon Law case review. In most instances to qualify under a lemon law your vehicle must only have an unreasonable repair history under the warranty, including (but not limited to) 3-4 repair attempts for the same problem, 6 repairs total on the vehicle, or 30 days out of service by reason of repair.

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Kansas Lemon Law (K.S.A. 50-645 to K.S.A. 50-646)

Kansas Lemon Law Statutes. K.S.A. 50-645. Motor vehicle warranties; definitions; consumer rights and remedies; enforcement by attorney general

(a) As used in this act:

(1) “Consumer” means the original purchaser or lessee, other than for purposes of resale, of a motor vehicle; and
(2) “motor vehicle” means a new motor vehicle which is sold or leased in this state, and which is registered for a gross weight of 12,000 pounds or less, and does not include the customized parts of motor vehicles which have been added or modified by second stage manufacturers, first stage converters or second stage converters as defined in K.S.A. 8-2401, and amendments thereto.

(b) If a motor vehicle does not conform to all applicable warranties, and the consumer reports the nonconformity to the manufacturer, its agent or its authorized dealer during the term of any warranties or during the period of one year following the date of original delivery of the motor vehicle to a consumer, whichever is the earlier date, the manufacturer, its agent or its authorized dealer shall make such repairs as are necessary to conform the vehicle to such warranties, notwithstanding the fact that such repairs are made after the expiration of any such term or such one-year period.
(c) If the manufacturer, or its agents or authorized dealers, are unable to conform the motor vehicle to any applicable warranty after a reasonable number of attempts, the manufacturer shall replace the motor vehicle with a comparable motor vehicle under warranty or accept return of the vehicle from the consumer and refund to the consumer the full purchase or lease price including all collateral charges, less a reasonable allowance for the consumer’s use of the vehicle as calculated from the most recent edition of Your Driving Costs, published by the American automobile association. Refunds shall be made to the consumer, and lienholder if any, as their interests may appear. A reasonable allowance for use shall be that amount directly attributable to use by the consumer and any previous consumer prior to the first report of the nonconformity to the manufacturer, agent or dealer and during any subsequent period when the vehicle is not out of service by reason of repair. It shall be an affirmative defense to any claim under this act that:

(1) An alleged nonconformity does not substantially impair such use and value; or
(2) a nonconformity is the result of abuse, neglect or unauthorized modifications or alterations of a motor vehicle by a consumer.

(d) If the manufacturer receives actual notice of the nonconformity, it shall be presumed that a reasonable number of attempts have been undertaken to conform a motor vehicle to the applicable warranties, if:

(1) The same nonconformity which substantially impairs the use and value of the motor vehicle to the consumer has been subject to repair four or more times by the manufacturer or its agents or authorized dealers within the term of any warranty or during the period of one year following the date of original delivery of the motor vehicle to a consumer, whichever is the earlier date, but such nonconformity continues to exist;
(2) the vehicle is out of service by reason of repair for a cumulative total of 30 or more calendar days during such term or period, whichever is the earlier date; or
(3) there have been 10 or more attempts to repair any nonconformities which substantially impair the use and value of the motor vehicle to the consumer and such attempts to repair have been attempts by the manufacturer or its agents or authorized dealers.

The term of any warranty, such one-year period and such thirty-day period shall be extended by any period of time during which repair services are not available to the consumer because of war, invasion, strike, fire, flood or other natural disaster.

(e) If a manufacturer has established an informal dispute settlement procedure which complies in all respects with the provisions of title 16, code of federal regulations, part 703, as from time to time amended, the provisions of subsection (c) concerning refunds or replacement shall not apply to any consumer who has not first resorted to such procedure.
(f) The attorney general shall have jurisdiction to enforce this section.

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Kansas Lemon Law Rights. K.S.A. 50-646. Same; other remedies

Nothing in this act shall in any way limit or affect the rights or remedies which are otherwise available to a consumer under the uniform consumer credit code, or to any person under the uniform commercial code, or to any person under this or any other law statutory or otherwise.

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  1. We purchased a used 2013 Nissan Altima with 8000 miles vehicle currently has 12000 miles
    The transmission was replaced at 600 miles then agIn at 6500 miles we have had then vehicle in the shop they are telling us the transmission is the issue again Nissan is very reluctant to replace it this time as this would be the third one just wondering what are rights would be

  2. Richard Blevins

    We bought a 2014 Dodge Journey it is about 13 months old and they are replacing the Navigation/dvd/radio unit for the fourth time in a year. They also forgot to put the plug in when they changed the oil and it ran out of the vehicle leaving us rendered on the side of the highway. Do we have any rights according to the kansas lemon law?

  3. So if i have a 2009 it can’t be a lemon?

  4. I have a 2014 focus that’s not even a year old. We took it in to the shop 2 weeks after we bought it cuz it wasn’t shifting right and they said the computer needed reprogrammed. 5 months later we took it back to the shop for shuddering in the transmission and hesitation. They said the clutches needed replaced.They had our car for 2 weeks cuz everytime they put a new set of clutches in the PC board or something like that would blow. They finally called and said it was done to pick up. But guess what 2 days later its worse than it was when we took it in. I called them and they want us to drive it for 1000 miles to adjust. It’s getting terrible.I don’t feel safe in it at all anymore. Can u please help us!!!!

    • Kaylene, we’re sorry to hear you are having trouble with your vehicle. We would be more than happy to review your repair orders and purchase documents to see if there is anything we can do to help. Our review is without cost or obligation to you, so please give us a call.

  5. Purchased a new 2013 Chevy Malibu ECO in September of 2012. Currently has 41100 miles on it. On 9/3/15 car would not start at all anymore in Advanced Auto Parts parking lot. Their diagnostics pointed that the alternator was bad. I had it towed to a Chevy dealership. On 9/4 they called saying it was simply a bad battery and alternator was fine. Paid $112 for new battery + $80 diagnostics fee. Picked up car and drove it home. 9/5 the car shows “service battery charging system” and battery voltage meter is fluctuating severely. Drive it immediately to dealer and leave it over labor day holiday weekend. 9/9 they call and say there’s nothing wrong with the car. The don’t charge me anything and I drive off with the car. 9/10 the “check battery charging system” message comes up again and battery light comes on. 9/11 I’ll have to drive it again to dealer to have it sit for another 4/5 days while they fumble around with it. This car has had 4 or 5 recalls (all of which I’ve taken it in for) and now it’s been in the shop 3 times in less than 2 weeks for the same issue. I’ve honestly had enough. Do you believe my vehicle is a lemon or am I being unreasonable? Thanks.

  6. I’m wondering how the lemon law applies if a used car was purchased and now 6 months later there is major motor problems and the dealership will in no way work with you in fixing it since there is no extended warranty that was purchased and they want several hundred dollars up front and of course the 30 day warranty from date of purchase has passed.

  7. I just bought a brand new 2015 Honda Fit this year on 6/24/2015 with 46 miles. I test drove the car and the 3rd gear was scratching, the sales person informed me it just needed adjustment. I went ahead and purchased the car and they gave me a loaner while they adjusted it. Come to find out, the whole transmission was replaced! This was a brand new car, I went and spoke with the Sales Manager to get me a new one and do a dealer trade but they said it wasn’t possible and I had to keep the car. They gave me a 3rd party extended warranty that was worth 690, I agreed to it then refunded it and got cash instead.

    Today I tried using the car and it’s alternator went out. I will be taking this back to the dealership tomorrow and I was wondering how many repairs has to happen before I can pursue the lemon law on cars. I am afraid this is going to be a trending pattern on this particular vehicle.


  8. Evan Van Steamburg

    Bought a used 2007 Santa Fe one week ago with approximately 95,000 miles. Would this be covered under the Kansas lemon law if it met the other criteria?

  9. I have a grand prix that I had purchased a 2 year extended warranty on, that’s been in the shop 7 times for it shaking pretty bad. Each time I took it in they would replace something different. For over a year it’s been doing this and the issue is still there. Its never been fixed and now it’s out of the extended warranty period. Do I have any options?

    • Oh, I would like to add that almost every time I had to take it to the shop I would have to pay anywhere from $100-250 in repair costs for repairs that weren’t necessary since.it still isn’t fixed. I would have to pay for a rental vehicle too and after looking at the repair break downs the dealership charged me for the same thing just at different times.

  10. I bought a 2004 mazda mpv today test drove checked under the hood everything seemed great. Now I’m home haven’t had the car 12hrs and the check engine light comes on then starts blinking and car starts driving funny get the code checked and it is saying it is the catalytic converter a major issue. The gave me what they called a limited warranty 10% parts and labor for 30 day or 1000 miles. But under consumer protection shouldn’t they have to fix this I haven’t had it even 24hrs?

  11. I purchased a 2009 Trailblazer, it has over 100,000 miles, the gear shift is stuck in park. I am not able to drive the vehicle, I put $3,000 down, but the entire parts of the car are rusted out. Do I have any recourse?

  12. I just bought a 2000 Oldsmobile alero from a private seller and it’s got a overheating issue does this law go for private sales as well

  13. I bought a 2001 dodge stratus and after 29-30 days something happened to my transmission I told the mechanic I bought it from about it and he is telling me he will not pay for it to be fixed do I have any rights on this or is this my responsibility to fix on my own

  14. I bought a 2007 ford focus from country hill motors. I then took it to a good year to be examined. they reported to me that the coolant was milky. I went back to the dealer who advised me to call on the following monday to bring it into their shop. In the mean time he said its O K to drive it, but I will not. There is a 100 mi/30 day warranty. Do you have any advise ?

  15. Just purchased a 2013 Jeep Patriot 45 days ago. First rain it has been in and the sunroof leaks. All off the dome light up front were full of water and the front half of the headliner was full of water. I have an appointment at the dealership Tomm. I did some digging and found out there is a class action lawsuit right now about this issue because jeep is saying its a maintenance issues about drain tubes plugging up. So I have no idea what I’m in store for..

  16. Does the lemon law apply to used cars? My daughter bought a car and has had major issues ever since and has only had approx. 7 months. She is now once again car less while it is at the car lot being looked at because her transmission went out while on her way back into to town.

  17. I bought a 2005 z71 suburban in March 2015 since then it has been in and out of the shop and has over $8,000 dollars worth of work catallic converters transmission torque converter head gaskets water pump heads machined and much much more. My vehicle is still over heating and all they want to give me for it is the mmr and stroke me with the rest of it and leave me holding the rest of the note and leave me with it thank goodness I bought the extended warranty

  18. Just purchased a 2001 Mustang from a guy in trade with my car. Have had it maybe 48 hours and the transmission fluid is really bad. Now they said if we flush it could make things worse but car seems laggy in accelerating, is this something that would be protected? I assumed the law would be for anyone buying a car that ended up with long expensive repairs in a short ridiculous time frame of getting a car?!

  19. We bought a 2014 Ford Focus it only had 10 miles on it when we got it in 2014 we had it in the shop three times now do to the clutch plate the third time we was on vacation broke down in a small town was suck there for three days. With my two grand kids ages 7 &5 it was 100 degrees outside we was blessed it happened in a small town also was on a Sunday It was just in the shop a about a month before that with the same thing. We only have 27000 miles on it and are afraid to take it out of town we should not have to feel this way for the money we are paying for it is this considered a lemon cause it is to me plz reply. Very frustrated

  20. I bought a 2014 Ford Focus brand new in 2014. I have since had to have 2 clutches put in the car for shuttering. I then went to have my oil changed last month and there was metal shavings and coolant in the oil. Ford is now telling me they want to do the oil change in another 5000 miles so that they can see this as it was changed at another shop. Do I have a lemon? It’s on the third clutch and needs another, and now the oil problem.

  21. I just purchased a Jeep Liberty 2002 used car on Nov.14.16 and stopped working on Nov.23.16. I took it back and the dealership service mechanic and they have not got back to me and sadly they gave me an attitude. 6 days have passed and nothing has happened. I need your advice, please!

  22. Bought used car & come to find out has unfixed recalls & who should tow me or lot I bought it from?

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