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Lemon Law FAQ’s

What am I entitled to if my car falls under the Lemon Law?

The king of all Lemon Law FAQ’s is what you are entitled to if you have a lemon. Depending upon the facts of your case, you could be entitled to a cash settlement, a partial or total refund of the purchase price, or a new or replacement vehicle also known as a “buy back” or a “repurchase.” As each vehicle or product’s repair history is so different, it is best to have a qualified lemon law attorney review all the repair orders and receipts to determine the best way to proceed. Your goal is to get the most favorable resolution possible for your lemon law claim.

What if my case isn’t covered by my state’s Lemon Law; do I have any other recourse?

You may, depending on various factors. For example, there is a Federal Lemon Law which may apply, and there are other state laws that may apply to your situation as well.

Why do I need a lawyer?

An experienced attorney who has handled thousands of claims is knowledgeable in both the state and federal laws and can determine the best way to proceed to get you what you are entitled to. Why would you represent yourself when you can enlist the services of a qualified attorney without paying attorney’s fees? Click here for a Free Lemon Law Case Review.

How does my lawyer get paid; what does this cost?

Lemon Laws contain a “fee-shifting provision”, which means that if you win or settle your case, the attorney’s fees are paid for by, or “shift”, to the manufacturer. This fee-shifting provision means you don’t our pay attorney’s fees, win or lose.

Are used cars covered by Lemon Laws?

A growing number of states have extended Lemon Law coverage to include used vehicles. Many used cars are sold with the remainder of the manufacturer warranty in place. A qualified Lemon Law Attorney can review your information to determine whether or not your vehicle can fall under either your state or the federal warranty law.

What documents are necessary to prove that my vehicle is a lemon?

Each time you take your vehicle in for repair, an invoice and record is generated by the dealer to verify the particular repair or service that was performed. It is important that when you pick up your vehicle from the repair facility, you request a copy of the repair order, or repair invoice. If you do not have copies of all the repair orders, your dealer can provide you with a “warranty history report” which should show the date and result of each repair visit and be sure to keep a repair log. An experienced lemon law lawyer will look at all the facts surrounding your potential claim and do a careful review to determine whether or not we can help you. Do not be dissuaded if you didn’t receive a copy of every repair receipt, there may be other ways we can prove you do have a claim.

Should I take my car in for more repairs if they are needed?

It is best to talk to an attorney before you do this, though in the majority of cases if the vehicle needs to have the repair performed in order to make it drivable or safe, you should take it in for another repair. The more attempts that are made to repair a defect or problem that exists for your vehicle or product, the stronger the case becomes in most instances. NEVER leave the repair facility without getting a copy of an invoice or repair order for your records.

What if they violated other rights of mine when I purchased my vehicle?

If the dealer lied to you, misrepresented the vehicles prior history, dealt with you in a dishonest manner, or took illegal liberties before, during or after your purchase, you could be the victim of illegal or fraudulent or deceptive sales practices. Federal and State laws offer protection and remedies for violations; including monetary damages, please visit our car buying tips and consumer fraud page for more information.

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