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Client Reviews

I wanted to reach out and thank you guys for everything, I really have no words for it. The check came at the perfect time just as we had to evacuate Cape Coral, it couldn't have been better. You have no idea how much this actually meant to me for the year of hell I went through because of the tesla dealership, I wasn't expecting to be able to get anything out of it until I saw your lemon law video and understood that I am protected too. You guys are really helping people so thank you so much for your professionalism, timing, and dedication.

- Renato

Mr. Weisberg and team were great! My ford escape had a check engine light come on. After taking it to the dealership, I did not have my car for almost 3 months!! After reading other reviews, I had the same experience with Ford and their lack of communication. I had to go all the way to ford corporate to file a complaint. Even then, the updates usually did not vary in “we are waiting on parts, we don’t have the employees, etc”. To say I was angry is an understatement, after Mr. Weisberg and team accepted my case, some stress was eliminated. He was very prompt and always communicating with me via phone, or email, which was so appreciated. The team was very courteous and so very polite, exceeding my expectations!

- Sara

We hired Alex not sure whether we had a case against Ford. Ford had previously declined to offer us any compensation for the massive amounts of issues we had on our Expedition Max in our 2.5 years of ownership. Alex was able to get us an answer from Ford very quickly and got us a better outcome than we ever expected. Would definitely recommend to anyone facing issues with their car!

- Julie

Alexander Daniel Weisberg, helped me get fast results after multiple attempts contacting Ford about my 2018 F150. I do not think I could have gotten this matter resolved with your help!!! Thanks again.

- Amy Lowery

After 2 months the euphoria of owning my new car was gone when it went into the dealer for a warning light. Thirty business days later with no communication and no indication as to the cause of the problem I contacted Alex and his staff. After providing all the details he took my case and guided me along the way. It was a long process where he managed to temper my anger while assuring me that things will get better. His staff kept me informed of all the communication between the parties. Seven months later the case is closed. I was made monetarily whole and returned the vehicle. A big thanks to Alex and his staff!

- Gerry

My family purchased new Silverado in 2019, it had nothing but issues.. It ranged from leaking rear window, camera replacement, to a horrible transmission that had to be torn down.. The transmission would just jerk almost daily after sitting long periods. I wasn’t even looking for an attorney, but oddly enough I kept noticing his ads on Facebook so I gave the information and we went from there. He got a settlement from GM that was fair, GM did delay the check a little long then all parties wanted.. But, Mr. Weisberg did keep us informed. If you have issues with your vehicle, give them a call and see what your are! Thanks Alex

- Brent

I purchased a brand new 2019 Lacrosse camper from campers Inn of Mocksville. Not long after the purchase we noticed things, the slide out ripped our floor, the ac had an awful smell, the slides were leaving black lines on the carpet and laminate, the kitchen table you couldn’t even sit at and the front cap of our brand new camper had started coming off which we were later told was a defect. Needless to say we took the camper to Campers Inn and left it for 6 months thinking all the repairs were being done to get there and the manufacturer of the RV Forest River wouldn’t back the rips in the slide out, the front cap and everything really…. I was devastated this was a brand new camper and the first I had ever owned and they wouldn’t back anything ?!! How is that possible???

So I started looking and found Alex. He immediately called me I faxed him the work orders and he got to work… he was in touch throughout the entire process. We recently just settled after mediation and full intentions of going to a full trial with Forest River. He was able to get my camper taken to the manufacture and fixed in 60 days, everything I wanted to have fixed and that needed to be fixed as well as a cash settlement! I couldn’t be more pleased with Alex and his firm! He is a god send for sure and I’m so glad we found him!

Thank you so much Alex

- Melissa Ketner

Mr. Weisberg got FCA to buyback my 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia. Throughout the whole process him and Jeanette were very attentive and kept me up to date. I was surprised that Mr. Weisberg was available to talk to me personally and not someone else. It was not uncommon to hear from him via phone call. This made me feel re assured that my case was important and in good hands.

The resolution of my case was better than i hoped. I paid nothing out of pocket and my fees were reduced.

Thank you for a job well done.

- Sergio

I tried for many, many months to try to resolve my vehicle defect issue with GM Motors on my but was unsuccessful. I hired Alex and he personally called me to discuss my case - VERY impressive that he didn't just have a paralegal call! I felt respected and listened to throughout and guess what - within a matter of just a few short weeks Alex had GM offering me a financial settlement! I highly recommend Alex Weisberg and most definately would use him again if I ever find myself needing the legal services he specializes in. Call him - you won't be disappointed you did!

- Anonymous

I usually do not hire attorneys off the internet but when I found Mr. Weisberg I found a friend. A friend is a person who looks out for your best interest, whether they know you or not. I want to thank Mr. Weisberg and his awesome team for looking out for my best interest. We couldn't get GM to admit fault or take the automobile back but he did make them agree to fund future repairs. If you are in search of an attorney to look out for you, The Weisberg Group is tops.

- Dianne

Alex was absolutely the attorney i needed to get the results i got! I purchased a brand new boat that ended up being my worst nightmare! I got nowhere trying to resolve the issues on my own for months and was lucky enough to stumble across Alex's information while searching the web for what my rights were. My situation was complicated and i truly believe had i of had any attorney other than Alex my results would have been completely different. He took the time to understand my issues so that he could communicate it properly! I never met Alex in person, i live in Tennessee and he is in Florida but that did not stop him from working my case and in the end satisfying my needs for the situation i was in. Although i hope to never need his services again, i know who my first call will be if i do.

- Susan

Alex! I just received an email saying the case had settled i am literally crying tears of joy right now! I am so happy this is finally over! And i can not thank you enough for taking the time to truly hear our concerns and getting results with them accepting responsibility! You are amazing and thank you so much again for everything!!!

- Susan Tubbs

I would like to thank you all for all you did for me while I was dealing with my vehicle and the repairs. I have not had to take the vehicle back in for repairs as of yet, as Jack Key Motors has assured me that the vehicle is now repaired and that I should not have any more issues with the wiring harnesses as they believe that they know what was causing the vehicle to stall out. I really appreciate everything and I would recommend your firm to anyone else that has experienced or is experiencing repair issues with a recent newly purchased vehicle. If it were not for your firm looking out for the best interests of consumers, most likely a lot of us would have been taken advantage of with no where to turn.

Thank you again so much for everything.

- Jenn S.

I just wanted to take a moment and sincerely thank you for the time and guidance you put into our lawsuit. I felt hopeless and desperate the day that I called you with my complaint against Honda for all the frustration and hassle they had put us through. You reassured me that you would work hard on the case and that we would see some resolution and closure. Thank you for following through and for making it such an easy and seamless process. We will certainly be referring anyone we know with any consumer issues to your firm and highly recommend your office for their professionalism and excellent customer experience.

Thank you - much gratitude!

- Shezel and Louis O.

I want to personally thank you for all your assistance and guidance with this. I value everything you did and hope I will not have to use your service, but will highly recommend your office.

- Diana

I would like to express my thoughts on your firm. Alex Weisberg and Cathy did a great job on our case. Always kept us informed of the status of our claim. We came to a resolution that was very satisfying to us. We would choose to use them again in the future if the need arose.

And would recommend Alex Weisberg to friends and family. Thanks again for your help.

- Jackie D.

I received the settlement check this afternoon. I would just like to say thank you for your services and I appreciate what you have done. I now no longer need to deal with this headache that is Piaggio.

Thank you again,

- Alex T.

I just wanted to send a huge Thank You! This has been a 4 year process and it feels good to have it done with. Every single person from beginning to end has been amazing! ... Guiding me, answering any question I had, explaining every document, always returning my call, etc... From jump they were "on it" taking action against the many violations that took place, in some cases putting $ back in my pocket. I'm TRULY so grateful that I somehow stumbled upon AttorneysForConsumers!
Best decision ever!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

- Kim S.

I received the payment for my settlement. I really appreciate your firm for the representation. You all did a wonderful job and in the future if I need assistance you will be the first I would call. Thank you and i will make sure that I give you plenty referrals. Thank you again!!!

- Montreesia R.

Hi Alex I hope everything is good with you i want to said thank you so much for everything you did for me I'm really appreciate you did help me so much and you wonderful team excelente job you did to me i have no words to express how happy I'm with your service god bless you and one more time thank you for everything.

- Gustavo M.

Thank you all for your time and dedication to my case. The fact that it was done from another state is astounding. You all did such an awesome job with communication and efficiency.

Thank you,

- Diamond F.

I want to start by saying thank you so much for all of your hard work with my claim against Ford. You all did such an outstanding job of keeping in touch and letting me know exactly what was happening every step of the way. I am so pleased at how quickly my claim was resolved and how stress free this process was for me. Thank you again so much and I will be recommending you to anyone you can be of service to.

Kindest Regards,

- E. Ashley F.

Thank you for the work you have done. I didn't know what to do, but you did. I appreciate the time you took with me.

Thank you again for winning the case.

- Athenia P.

I appreciate your effort, your knowledge and your efficiency. I am well satisfied.

Thank you,

- Bill W.

In regards to my case on my 2014 Ford Mustang, Alex Weisberg as well as Cathy Bopp were outstanding to work with. They took all of my information and concerns and ensured me that they would help me in finding a solution for my problems with my car. The sensitivity of my current situation and time and how they handled it was greatly appreciated. They notified me in what needed to be done and when as well as provided any and all updates as soon as they came to their attention. I’m very satisfied with my experience with Weisberg Consumer Law Group, Alex called me directly on numerous occasions with information which really made me feel as if my problem had their direct attention at all times. Cathy Bopp ensured that I did what needed to be done and all forms were taken care of as they should be. She helped me understand what was expected of me and what was needed at any and all times. It’s this type of approach that will ensure that if I have another problem in this line of law that I will call them back. They are a class act and I have never had such a great experience dealing with law or attorneys. I would definitely highly recommend them in the future to anyone that is dealing in this type of situation.

Again, Thank You so much for your help with this matter, you all did a great job,

- Cliff B.

Thank you for all the work and support you provided me through my lawsuit with General Motors. Mr. Weisberg, your staff and you were very attentive to every detail through the whole process and had my best interest always in every moment.

When I first began this lawsuit I was unaware of how difficult the process would be and I am very thankful that I had the best law firm on my side. The professionalism and attention to detail from your law firm leaves me with great satisfaction and I will highly recommend you to anyone in need of representation.

Thank you for a great experience and for taking care of this issue that brought a lot of stress and anxiety to my family and person.

- David M.

I have to say that I am very impressed with Weisberg Consumer Law Group. My case was handled with such urgency, and made me feel that all my effort was well worth the trouble. It is very frustrating purchasing a brand new car, only to find out there is an electrical issue that the manufacture has been unsuccessful, in its attempts to repair the issue. I was starting to feel that everything that I was going through and the purchase of my car was a huge mistake. Not only was my case resolved quickly, sooner than the timeframe projected, the settlement in my favor was more than what I was expecting. I completely satisfied with the outcome, performance, and professionalism that I personally received from this firm. I can comfortably rely on the Weisberg Consumer Law Group, to settle my disputes, concerns and issue's with little to no effort on my part.

- Gabriel G.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your assistance with my claim against Hyundai. You and your staff made the process simple and painless. You explained the timeline and answered all my questions.

I would highly recommend your firm.

- Hope G.

I am writing this in regards to my experience with your offices. I am very satisfied with how my case was handled. Your staff is very pleasant and helpful. Emails and phone calls were very frequent and informative.

Thank you very much for your time and concern in my matters with Chrysler.

- Jennifer A.

Just a short note of thanks for what you did for me on my issues with my F150. Our settlement allows us to have faith that I will have reliable transportation for the next five years. We were able to purchase a premium extended warranty from Ford along with getting additional funds for the hassles of having a defect in my F150. I really do like the truck and hope it serves me well from here on out.

Also wanted to let you know how refreshing it was dealing with you and your firm. Plenty of communication but above that from day one you gave me confidence that things will work out.

Thanks to you and your staff,

- David N.

I am glad to have found your law office and you did everything that I was looking for in a law firm. I will gladly give your name and number to friends looking for a law firm.

- Margaret W.

We would like to thank Weisberg Consumer Law Group for their help with the legal issues with Ford Motor Company, and the warranty issues we were having with our Ford Escape. Alex Weisberg was very informative of our rights and which avenue to take with our law suit. The process was very easy for us, and we were kept informed every step of the way. Also we would like to thank Cathy Bopp for her promptness of answering questions we had during the process.

We would highly recommend Weisberg Consumer Law Group.

Again, thank you to Alex Weisberg and the Weisberg Consumer Law Group.

- Mark and Tammy C.

My experience with your office has been superb. I was contacted back shortly after filling out my information. Every step was clearly explained to me throughout the way to receiving the settlement by both you and Cathy Bopp. The settlement was in the amount I expected and in a shorter amount of time that I was expecting. I appreciate your help and all your hard work to settle my case in such an outstanding manner. If anyone I know has a lemon in the future, I will suggest to them to contact your office.

- Matthew M.

I just want to say that the first time you represented me was with the same Manufacturer, Chrysler. I was satisfied wth the result of the first case and I must admit the second one left me with the same satisfaction. Wise counsel, open communication, no long wait for settlement. I am happy with my experience and if any one that I know have a Lemon Law situation and need someone to represent them I would certainly refer them to Alex Weisberg.

- Patricia T.

I am writing in regards to the settlement with Nissan North America, Inc. concerning my Nissan Titan truck. I was very pleased with the services provided from this law firm. My case was handled not only in a very professional manner but also efficient. Everyone I encountered throughout my experience was courteous and prompt in their responses to any inquires.

Not only will I continue to use Weisberg Consumer Law firm for any future needs but I will definitely recommend it in the future to anyone who is seeking these types of services.

I am grateful for all the hard work put into helping me resolve these issues as quickly and painless as possible.

- Perry C.

Our experience with Weisberg Consumer Law Office was great! During the start of the lawsuit, Alex Weisberg made the entire process clear and understanding for us. He answered all of our questions and was able to achieve what we called him for! Although it was a longer process than we had expected, everything turned out the way we wanted. Communication was hard iver the phone sometimes because we all had different schedules during the day. But luckily our communication via email was excellent. I would recommend this law office to any of my friends and family. Thank you for taking our case and letting us work with you. We are greatly satisfied.

- Salma H.

Thank you very much for your assistance with my case against Ford, regarding my 2015 F-150. The experience dealing with the Weisberg Consumer Law Group, P.A., and your affiliate, Kelly Knopp, in Tulsa was outstanding. The communication was very good, the documents and information was easy to understand, and the outcome of the settlement was very favorable. I would highly recommend your law firm and its affiliates to anyone seeking assistance ins a consumer law case.

Your kindness and professionalism is very greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!

- Thomas B.

This letter is to share my deep appreciation to a great work you done. The process was very fast, convenient and highly professional.

Great Job and many thanks!

- Maxim V.

I bought a brand new Jeep and starting having problems a little after I bought it. Put it in arbitration before the 2 year lemon law was up and got no where. At around having my Jeep 3 years with still more issues to come up, I got help from this attorney and office. They were the best.. I not only was treated awesome, I also got back a settlement from Chrysler. I would totally recommend this law firm because they will work with you and listen to you. 100%. Honest up front, and that means the most. Thank You Alex Weisberg and office.

- Donna

I contacted Alex a few years ago. Car was out of warranty. However he managed to negotiate a fair settlement quickly and inexpensivly. Very efficient. Contacted him again for what may have been a questionable case. He directed me through the right avenues and before I could blink Got me a total settlement and return of my lemon. Alex is polite very competent. And does what he says. I'd recommend Alex for any legal problems. And I would not hesitate to refer him or use him again. Thank you Alex.

- Jeffrey

The Weisberg consumer law group and their affiliates are TOP NOTCH! I had a rough couple years with a 2015 Ford truck that I had purchased new. I was considering writing a letter to Ford myself and stumbled upon Mr. Weisberg's website looking for some formatting ideas. I sent my letter for their review and they responded right away saying they thought I had a case. The legal process takes a while, but they got a favorable settlement offer from Ford on the very first attempt. I could not be happier with the outcome, and I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking help with a consumer law issue. Thanks again for all the help!

- Tom

I bought a 2015 Chrysler 300 in 2016. I had nothing but trouble from the start my car was in and out of the shop 9 times. I knew something could me done but I didn't know what. So I was curious and I looked up Texas lemon laws and it led me to Alex Weisberg. I have to say that I am very impressed with him. He is very professional, detailed and informative. It was with great pleasure and a relief to work with such a dignified Attorney such as Alex. He made sure I understood all of my rights and kelpt me informed every step of the way. He didn't make a move on my case unless we spoke and was on the same page. It's was like a breath of fresh air to have an Attorney that was sympathetic to my needs and concerns. He didn't make me feel rushed or pressured at all to settle my case. I am very grateful and happy I lucked up on him. Thanks

- Taquashia

Mr. Weisberg and his ferm took our case and they were the best! Professional, friendly, responded quickly. The Lemon Law applied in our situation and was settled with quick results. we would highly recommend this firm.

- Pat

I bought a new car a 2017 Chevy Malibu and had nothing but trouble with the gas tank. It has been in 3 times. I was getting frustrated and felt i was sold a LEMON! I went online and found Alex under lemon laws. Since my city did not have a lemon law lawyer in my town. Anyway I talked to Alex on the phone and he was very promising to help me on my car and that he said I had a good case against the maker of my car. And he was TOTALLY right! God works in mysterious ways and lead me to the law office of Alex's and answered my prayers. Thank you Alex and your team for all the help and I will definitely recommend your office to my friends and family if they have the same issues. I hope in the near future I will never have to experience this again, but you have my vote of calling you again!

- Mary

I had very good experience with Alex Weisberg, he resolved the issue with my Honda Civic, him and his firm are very attentive and very professional, he always returns my call, easy to talk to and takes time explaining, I highly recommend him.

Thank you Alex.

- Nahla

This is my first time that I come across a "lemon" purchase. My auto was in service center over 6 weeks. Base on my research, I found mixed info whether or not my case is solid. I have consulted a few attorneys, some say yes, some say no, some does not respond at all after reviewing the material.

Alex reviewed my materials, answered all my questions with patience, especially on my uncertainty of the risk of bearing high attorney fee if the case fail. Alex explained my obligations under my "what if scenario". I decided to go ahead with Alex.

Alex did a great job in getting a favorable offer for me. That I can concluded that Alex really examined the materials that I have sent him and established an argument for a better offer. I am happy for what Alex has done. I highly recommend Alex.

In terms of communication response, in general it has been slowed down at the later stage, probably it's the manufacturer to control the process, the attorney firm is on passive side, and not much can be done.

My case is now closed, thank you Alex and team!

- Candy

He will help you get the answers you deserve!!!! Their office is professional and they care about you, they did everything they could to help me and I'm happy with the results! Thank you Alex

- Juan

I experienced some serious car issues, I searched the web for lemon law information and as a result I contacted Alex Weisburg. He reviewed my case and provided me with my options. After he provided me with my options, I thought maybe I should contact a local attorney. That was only a thought. All my corresponding with Alex was professional and honest and I felt very comfortable with his firm handling my case. I expected a long time for a resolution, to my amazement, the issue was resolved in a very short period of time. If I'm in need again, I would use this firm for their service. A very pleased client!

- Anonymous

I had tons of issues with my vehicle since 2013, but when it began to accelerate on it's own it became a ticking time bomb. After getting the vehicle repaired, a majority was under warranty, but I still ended paying some out of pocket. unfortunately a few months later it began to accelerate on its own again. I took the vehicle back and I was told that there was nothing that could be done. It was a nightmare driving around because I never knew when the car was going to take off. I would have to keep the car in neutral while at a stop and place it back in drive as a precaution. In a "spur of the moment" internet search I found Alex, and boy was I lucky. With his help I was able to get a settlement that got me out of that rolling coffin. Everything was smooth and I was kept informed at all times. Best part, I did not have to pay a thing in advance. Thank you Alex for all your help.

- Gerardo

Thank you so much, Alex Weisberg. My car had multiple problems, all covered under warranty. Ford was unwilling to buy back my lemon, but Mr. Weisberg was able to get me a cash settlement. It will help us so much so we are not saddled with a car that continues to need repairs. Thank you!

- Deana

I went and filled out a free case review on carlemon.com because I have tried to contact the manufacturer about an engine timing issue with my motorcycle since November of 2015 with no success. I was contacted by Alex who said he could help so I agreed, filled out and sent the required paperwork to his firm. His staff, Cathy kept me updated during this whole process. I am glad to say that my case was settled because of Alex something I know would not have happened if I went about it myself.

Thank you Alex.

- Anonymous

I tried for months on my own to resolve an issue regarding my 2014 Ford Focus transmission trouble with no success.

I then turned to Alex Weisberg and he and his staff helped me in resolving my issue and getting me a settlement. I could not have managed my problem without a lawyer and Alex Weisberg is an excellent one. His firm kept me updated on what was going on with my claim and handled the situation smoothly and professionally. I recommend Alex Weisberg to anyone trying to resolve an issue with a large company like Ford.

- Robert H.

Alex Weisberg and his team did a great job getting us a settlement from Ford on our 2013 Ford Focus which had multiple issues with the PowerTrain transmission. They are responsive, helpful and quick in getting things resolved. Thank you!

- Kim

I purchased a 2015 Jeep Cherokee, and had numerous issues with its internal computer system and driving operation. Continued service appointments with my local dealer were ineffectual.

Out of frustration, I contacted The Weisberg Consumer Law Group. Possessing expertise in handling these cases, their legal staff is specialized and proficient. Their process was easy to follow, which aided in minimizing the stress I was experiencing with the vehicle and dealer.

The support team you will be assigned to is outstanding. They were highly skilled in preparation, communicating and following-up with my case. In fact, my next action is to deposit my settlement check.

I would strongly recommend Alex Weisberg and his Law Group as a viable resource should you encounter any problems when purchasing a new vehicle, and a dealer who just doesn't care.

- Marc

Mr. Weisberg and his associates were incredibly helpful during a recent issue with a vehicle manufacturer. The team's personal service, dedication and attention to detail helped us settle with the car company, which was an incredible stress reliever. I felt we were wronged by the manufacturer and the Weisberg Consumer Law Group helped fix everything. Personally, I thought hiring a lawyer and law group would add stress and be very intimidating, but Alex personally showed me that he, and his team, were on my side and would be my advocate throughout the process. Thank you, Weisberg Consumer Law Group! You were awesome!

- Jeff

I had a long history of frustration with my auto dealership and manufacturer for over 3 years- (had an air conditioning issue with the vehicle since the first year of buying it brand new!) After my warranty expired, they wanted to charge me to fix the very issue that my car had been experiencing and had been repaired several times while under warranty. It felt very hopeless and unfair. In a moment of desperation, I called the Weisberg Consumer Law Group and Alex was so helpful and reassuring that we actually had a case and that he would help me. Submitting the paperwork was easy and they walk you through the entire process. It was seamless. I received regular updates and called any time I had a question. Alex was informative and patient with all of my questions- I never felt rushed- and completely felt supported. Alex gave me realistic expectations for my case and in the end he was able to deliver on those expectations. We won the lawsuit. I am very grateful to Alex and the Weisberg Consumer Law Group. I would highly recommend them to anyone experiencing issues or challenges requiring their services. Extremely professional and focused on helping their clients! Can't say enough good things about our experience. Thank you!

- Shezel

This was my first time needing a lawyer, was kind of nervous about it but after speaking with Alexander Daniel Weisber and how well he explained everything to me I was very happy and satisfied. Alex and his staff are very professional. I'm happy with the results of the case. Thank Alex I really appreciate your help. It really went a long way!!

- Lizzeth

I had a brand new car from a major manufacturer that had nothing but problems. after repeated attempts to fix one of the problems they said that this was the way it was and to just accept it. After getting Alex involved not only did I get all my money back when they took the vehicle back as a lemon, they also paid my attorney fee's. smartest thing I ever did was to go to Alex.

- Ralph

We hired Mr. Weisberg to sue for a lemon law. His office responded quickly and efficiently. The case was completely very quickly and settled. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

- Anonymous

Was a pleasure to have Alexander handle my case, Fast and helpful kept me in the loop what was going on. If I ever need a Lawyer for something like this again I will defiantly call Alexander also will recommend to anyone looking for this kind of Lawyer.

- Paula

Alex was very forthright regarding the strengths of the case...and handled the settlement as efficiently as possible, which made a lemon law headache not leave such an acidic taste in my mouth...

- Tyler

My lawyer accepted my case without run a rounds, kept updates weekly- ph/email/postal, provided everyday simple explanations so I could understand the legal process that was happening. Saw issue from day one to end, very knowledgeable and supportive in giving information and shared options/outcomes.

- Lucinda

After speaking to a few lawyers, I decided to go with Mr. Weisberg. I'm glad I did. They were easy to get in touch with. They quickly answered any questions I had and they worked diligently to get me a favorable outcome. I got out from under my lemon and into a better vehicle. If I ever find myself in need of help that they can assist with, they will be my first call. I recommend them to anyone with a lemon.

- Josh

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