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What is the Lemon Law?


Has Your Vehicle Had Too Many Repairs Or Days Out Of Service? You May Have A Lemon!

You may be asking yourself “What is the Lemon Law?” State and federal “Lemon Laws” provide compensation to consumers of defective vehicles including motorcycles, RV’s and boats. You may be entitled to a replacement vehicle, a full refund or cash compensation.  Call us at 888-565-3666 for a FREE case review from an experienced Lemon Law Attorney or free, no obligation nationwide referral.

  • Is your vehicle 2010 or newer?
  • Has it been in the shop too many times? Too many days?
We can tell you FAST if you have a Lemon!
Send copies of your repair records to: help@CarLemon.com
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How Did I End Up With a Lemon?

The purchase of a new or used automobile can be a positive experience but unfortunately some automobile dealerships do not always operate in the consumer’s best interest. Due to increased competition among dealers, the pressure to make as much money possible from each sale has created a “buyer beware” market. State and federal consumer protection laws have been enacted to ensure the buyer is protected.

What To Do Now?

Apathy and inaction is the exact situation that businesses seek from consumers, and our offices believe pursuing the monetary compensation applicable laws make available helps not only yourself, but other consumers as well by showing big corporations they will be held responsible for not honoring their promises. Stand up for your rights under the law, do not let unscrupulous companies get away with deceptive practices any longer!

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  1. I have an issue concerning a warrantee on a light truck transmission and a firm that rebuilt it. Apparently it doesn’t seem to fall under the Lemon Laws in my state as it’s not an issue with a new or used car, however it’s clearly spelled out under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. How does one find legal representation when the firm this site refers to in my state isn’t interested because it’s not a new or used vehicle?

  2. this happened 11/19/2015 me and my wife finance a used 2010 kia forte coupe we put a $1000.00 down cash, the same day my wife who was driving the forte home on I71 the motor blew up and my wife was almost hit by diesel truck because the car was going so slow and would not stop. the car has a warranty. So We call the dealership they sent a towtruck but! now they are telling up we have to wait 15 days to get a refund threw corp. office. how is there fair when they sold us a lemon? we called corp today and they are still giving us the run around. what can be done?

  3. Hello. I purchased a used vehicle from a dealership in Phoenix earlier this week. I signed all paperwork but I haven’t taken possession of the car yet as they were going to make a few minor repairs to paint. I get a call today that they won’t release the car to me unless I sign something waiving my rights to the 15 day/500 mile implied warranty since it was a heavily modified vehicle. Can they legally do this? What can I do?

  4. I bought a used car w/o a warranty 2004 honda pilot. After 2 weeks exactly it wouldn’t start. I told the dealer I got it from told him o’rally did the test and it was the alternators. So they picked it up and charged my battery and fixed my oil leak. Took it home and it won’t start again. They said it was the battery but before they charge it the first time it was a brand new battery. Told them again and they said they did the test and it was not the alternators. But before I went home I went again to o’rally s and again said it’s the alterntor. And it’s over charging my battery. They won’t replace it so what can I do. Do I have any rights? I have most of my conversation s on the phone recoreded

  5. I Financed a 2012 Chevy Malibu ls (odo at time 68k) March 2015.
    1) Transmission failure within 2 months ($4500 to repair) (May 2015)
    2) 2 Tires and alignment (Found out that previous accident damaged front frame which made alignment impossible plus wore tires and brakes fast and placed additional strain on transmission)
    3) Front Frame (New Frame $1800)- alignment still off. (august 2015)
    4) 4 sets of tires and 2 sets of brakes up to June 1st 2016
    Transmission light is on again, I need new tires and brakes again plus I’m paying $450/MTh @ 26% and still owe $12k.
    Please, what can I do? The dealership is not will to help and finance company claims they can do nothing.
    Yes, this was my first purchase, it was done in haste and it has been a very expensive lesson.
    I did get a carfax at the time and saw one previous accident but I did not get a mechanic to look it over. Moreover defects were cleverly covered up (front frame was broke and temporarily welded, sheetrock screws used to hold up parts and panels) . It just all started to fall apart. Bought AS IS sadly.

    No recourse?? Is there really nothing i can do?

  6. Hello
    We bought a 2016 subaru from the Subaru dealer And this past week when it was raining so hard we got a water leak in the back and front driver side only a lot of water went in and we took the car thesame day to dealer and it’s been more then a week and they can’t seem to find the problem what can I do I only have 6000miles on it

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