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What is the Lemon Law?

Has Your Vehicle Had Too Many Repairs Or Days Out Of Service? You May Have A Lemon! You may be asking yourself “What is the Lemon Law?” State and federal “Lemon Laws” provide compensation to consumers of defective vehicles including motorcycles, RV’s and boats. You may be entitled to a replacement vehicle, a full refund or cash compensation. Call us at (888) 565-3666 for a FREE case review from an experienced Lemon Law Attorney or free, no obligation nationwide referral.

To qualify for protection under your State’s Lemon Law, you must generally have a defective consumer product that has not been fixed within a reasonable amount of repair attempts. Most State Lemon Laws specifically apply to motor vehicles and require the manufacturer to refund your money or replace your vehicle if, during the first twelve to twenty-four months of ownership, your vehicle has suffered three to four repairs for the same problem or has been out of service by reason of repair more than thirty days. Although State Lemon Laws are generally limited to new vehicles, many states have enacted specific lemon statutes that protect purchasers of used vehicles and/or other consumer products such as Motor Homes and computers.

The federal Lemon Law often extends protection far past State law, making warrantors responsible for irreparable defects for up to four years after the factory warranty has expired. This federal statute generally provides cash compensation where the warrantor cannot make your product free from defects within a reasonable opportunity. Unlike State Lemon Laws, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act applies not just to vehicles but instead to all consumer products – including boats and appliances. Magnuson-Moss also creates strict requirement for warrantors when drafting warranties and disclosing warranty terms, thereby eliminating much of the confusing “doubletalk” inherent in consumer warranties. To read your State’s Lemon Law, or the Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, click here.

How did I end up With a Lemon?

The purchase of a new or used automobile can be a positive experience but unfortunately some automobile dealerships do not always operate in the consumer’s best interest. Due to increased competition among dealers, the pressure to make as much money possible from each sale has created a “buyer beware” market. State and federal consumer protection laws have been enacted to ensure the buyer is protected.

What to do Now?

Apathy and inaction is the exact situation that businesses seek from consumers, and our offices believe pursuing the monetary compensation applicable laws make available helps not only yourself, but other consumers as well by showing big corporations they will be held responsible for not honoring their promises. Stand up for your rights under the law, do not let unscrupulous companies get away with deceptive practices any longer! The lemon law process is simple and can result in a new car!

Lemon Laws often, but not always, require you to provide written notice of the defect to the warrantor and a final opportunity to fix the defects. These statutes also authorize warrantors to establish programs to resolve consumer complaints out of court. However, these programs are often wholly funded by the warrantors themselves, calling into serious question the credibility and impartiality of these mechanisms. You are generally only obligated to participate in such programs where the warrantor establishes the program in strict compliance with State and federal law. Before participating in any such program, you should consult an attorney as although such programs may be helpful, they may be harmful as well due to the bias towards the warrantor inherent in most of these mechanisms.

Because of the expansive legal rights these statutes provide you, sellers and manufacturers will often create obstacles to your enforcement of these rights and at times, will discourage you from enforcing your time-sensitive rights by providing false and misleading information. For example, a warrantor may tell you the time to enforce your State Lemon Law rights has expired without informing you of the rights you have under the federal Lemon Law. Likewise, in an effort to make you accept your lemon, warrantors will often tell you there is no problem with your product and that what you are experiencing is a “normal operating condition.” Always get a second – or third – opinion before believing that problem you know is there really isn’t. Further, always ask for all Technical Service Bulletins (“TSB’s”) on your vehicle as these internal documents often prove your problem exists. Finally, and perhaps most important of all, always make sure to get documentation from the warrantor of each and every repair attempt whenever you retrieve your product back from the repair shop. Withholding these records from you is often the warrantor’s best way to prevent you from building your lemon case, so always insist on receiving a repair order. If the warrantor refuses to give you one, make your own by faxing or mailing the repair shop a letter memorializing the defect and date of the repair, and the warrantor’s refusal to provide you a repair order. To download our copyrighted Lemon repair log, click here.

You have an expensive investment, its time to protect your rights and interests. Apathy and inaction is the exact situation that all manufacturers seek from consumers, and this Website believes pursuing the damages applicable laws make available helps not only yourself, but other consumers as well by showing big corporations they will be held responsible for making less than satisfactory products. If you think you have a Lemon, click here for a free lemon law case review, or simply call us at (888) 565-3666. Your inquiry will be promptly responded to.

Client Reviews
I want to personally thank you for all your assistance and guidance with this. I value everything you did and hope I will not have to use your service, but will highly recommend your office. Diana
I received the payment for my settlement. I really appreciate your firm for the representation. You all did a wonderful job and in the future if I need assistance you will be the first I would call. Thank you and i will make sure that I give you plenty referrals. Thank you again!!! Montreesia R.
Thank you all for your time and dedication to my case. The fact that it was done from another state is astounding. You all did such an awesome job with communication and efficiency. Diamond F.
Thank you for the work you have done. I didn't know what to do, but you did. I appreciate the time you took with me. Thank you again for winning the case. Athenia P.
Mr. Weisberg and his firm took our case and they were the best! Professional, friendly, responded quickly. The Lemon Law applied in our situation and was settled with quick results. we would highly recommend this firm. Pat