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What is the Lemon Law Process

Don’t let misinformation from your dealer, the mechanic at the repair shop, or the manufacturer deter you from using the lemon law process to seek a refund, replacement or cash compensation. Don’t let them bully you into thinking you can’t seek legal help or that you don’t “qualify”. Your rights are determined by the Lemon Laws in your state and the Federal Lemon Law (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act). When you pursue a Lemon Law claim, you could receive a cash settlement or a refund on all or part of your purchase price. By standing up for your rights you prove to the big manufacturers that they must be held responsible for making less than satisfactory products.

Do I have a Lemon?

How does the lemon law process work?

Many consumers ask how does the lemon law process work and wonder how a lemon law claim proceeds if their vehicle or product qualifies. Each state’s Lemon Laws are different; you may need an experienced Lemon Law lawyer to represent you. The attorneys at CarLemon.com have handled thousands of Lemon Law cases involving all sorts of products, including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, SUV’s, RV’s, boats, computers and other household appliances and consumer products. Though each case is different and the results may vary depending upon the facts, CarLemon.com can help explain the lemon law process and connect you to a FREE Lemon Law Lawyer who will make the manufacturer of your lemon pay your legal bill!*

  1. You call 888-565-3666 and we take all your information concerning your potential case, OR you complete our FREE LEMON LAW CASE REVIEW contact us form, or fax in your repair receipts to 866-773-6152 for review.
  2. An experienced lemon law attorney reviews the information to determine initially if you have a claim.
  3. The attorney’s office calls you right away to go over the information and determine the strength of your potential lemon law or breach of warranty claim. All your vehicle purchasing and vehicle owning rights are evaluated during this process to see if any other federal and state consumer protection laws have been violated. For example, you may:
    1. be paying a higher interest rate than you should and you may have Fair Credit Reporting Act rights to enforce;
    2. have been forced to purchase items or services as a condition of financing in violation of the Truth In Lending Act;
    3. have entered into an electronic payment agreement that is in violation of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act by misrepresenting your payment obligations and restricting your rights.
  4. You fax, e-mail or upload copies of all your repair orders and the purchase contract if you have not already done so. You can also open a free account through our private, confidential case tracker.
  5. A lemon law lawyer reviews all your paperwork and contacts you to let you know what a reasonable outcome to your case could be.
  6. The defendant (the manufacturer or dealer in most cases) is put on notice of your claim and then the lemon law firm tries to resolve the matter without the need for court intervention. This method can be performed by an informal letter or by what is referred to as informal dispute resolution.
  7. Throughout this portion of the process, should a settlement offer be made, you will be contacted immediately to discuss your options and counsel you on whether to accept or reject.
  8. If no settlement is reached, suit may be filed in the court which serves your specific case needs best.
  9. After filing suit, the process of discovery and disclosure begins by providing the manufacturer proof of its lemon law violations, and by asking for more detailed information from them in return. This step involves thoroughly researching all the facts and even some of the hidden clues of your case in depth.
  10. Throughout this process, settlement is consistently urged, while at the same time preparing for trial. If a resolution cannot be reached after all the above, your case proceeds to trial. Less than 1% of all of cases go to trial.

In conclusion, the constant objective is to do everything possible to secure your total legal recovery and satisfaction. We want lemon law representation to be an experience which rewards you for your commitment to stand up for your rights against the big automobile manufacturers and their dealers. Contact us now for a FREE LEMON LAW CASE REVIEW, we will review all your information and let you know if you do indeed have a case.

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  1. I submitted for a free case review last week. I have not gotten any response. How long should it take?

  2. Can you help with purchase of used 18 wheeler in Tennesee and broke down within 24 hours? Had to spend 3 nights in motel and problem still not fixed.

  3. I bought a car from a used car lot. In the contract , I had it noted that the front end needed looked at. there was something wrong. The note the dealer wrote said. Check and repair front end noise. Now I have had my car in their shop 7 time now and the car still has the noise and they say that the car is 100%. But it handles terribly still. What are my options?

  4. I bought an suv from a used dealership in February 2014 and right before the warranty ended in February 2015, the transmission needed to be replaced. mostly covered under warranty ($3000) I paid the remaining $571 out of pocket. well it is now July and I have spent close to $3000 since the transmission issue on repairing my vehicle, and I still owe $2800 on it. with repairs costing me anywhere from $150-500 every month thereafter I have had to repair something on the front end. was I sold a lemon? and if so, is there anything I can do?

  5. I purchased a new boat from a VA dealer manufactured by Florida boat builder.
    Rain leaks are a problem. New vessel 2015 model purchased in April 2015.

    The manufacturer is not responding to the VA dealer’s claim in our behalf.

    Would this situation come under the jurisdiction of the Lemon Law in NC? The vessel weighs more than 10,000 pounds.

    The vessel in registered in NC and sales tax has been paid in NC, although the Vessel was purchased in VA from a dealer whose distribution territory includes NC.

    The vessel is under warranty, new and recently purchased. We’re trying to ascertain our rights under he lemon law and other relief which may be available to us.


    Ed O’Connor

  6. I bought a used 2008 BMW 335i a few months back from a dealership. I paid to much but I really wanted the car. After a week of driving my new car the problems started. I have had the vehicle to the dealership two times for repair and the problem is still occurring. The car is misfiring and losing power on the highway causing me to have to pull over on the shoulder and turn the car off to reset it and then start it up again/ this was especially scary on our 2500 mile trip to California. Went to the dealership today for the same problem and was told the car was fine. We left the dealer to head home and twenty minutes into the trip the car started misfiring again. It did it a total of eight times on the way home plus three time on the way there. I was told everything was ok. I called the dealership while sitting on the side of the road broke down and they told me the car is temperamental that’s part of owning it. I am fed up with this car and the dealership. I have replaced parts with my own money even though I have a warranty. Is there anything I can do. BMW told me after I bought the car and started having problems that it was a dealer buy back car. Is it even legal to sell a car that was returned a lemon in the first place

  7. I purchased a car from a used dealership, I haven’t had the car a week before it gave me problems. it wont keep water in it, the oil is milky water is coming out the tail pipe and now it has jumped time. can someone pleas tell me what I can do about that?

  8. I just got my car in February still under warranty. And it broke down it needs a whole new clutch ket along with fire wall or something like that. Either way . I’ve only had my car for 5mnths . My car only had 41k miles right now. There’s no way I could of burnt out my clutch in that short amount of time. I drive standard cars all the time. The previous owner treated it horrible according to the dealer. My question is do I have a case here ??

  9. Bought a 2014 ford 36000 miles from a deallership on friday july 31 2015 already in the shop with tranny issues Do I have options

  10. I bought a car on the 22 of July and now the car or giving me ploblem. Loss of power, slug ,and white smoke is coming out of the tell pipe. What can I do

  11. I bought a 2001 gmc Jimmy from a used car lot on July 21 2015 as is I ain’t had this A mo’ve an it put me on the side of the road on August,15 2015 my son came an towed the ‘ve

  12. I bought a brand new Mazda 3 with 6 miles on it. After 1 month I noticed the front bumper melting. 3 weeks later the driver’s side mirror melted. I took in twice and was referred to corporate. They told me it was outside influence. Now the passenger side mirror, more spots on the bumper, and also the trim under the windshield wipers has melted. It is under full warranty also extended warranty. I have owned now for 5 months and has 7k miles .

  13. We purchased a new 2015 Tahoe in June of 2014. We’ve had consistent electronic issues with the display panel since purchase; have taken the vehicle back to the dealership multiple times to try to fix it. Dealership has acknowledged this is a wide spread issue with most of their new GM models but GM has yet to issue a bulletin or recall. Dealership claims their hands are tied until GM issues something. Does an electronic issue such as this qualify under the lemon law statute?

  14. I purchased a new 2015 Chrysler 200 in my 5th month of ownership my engine light came on.at times it would go off and come back on.at the time had 6,300 miles.it has issues wanting to accelerate before i push the gas. I took it to dealership they found it has a recall ..that could cause a electrical surge and crash with no warning.2 weeks later after i pay my 6th payment i received a recall letter..they do not currently have replacement parts for the issue. I want to take this car back.i want to go to a different dealership and a different brand altogether. At this point i just want to take it and leave it on their lot.


  16. I bought a 2011 Nissan Rogue last December, so I haven’t even had this for a year yet. So far, I have brought it in for something wrong with the wheel barring (I probably spelled that wrong, I don’t know cars), a dead battery and a broken fan blower. Everything but the dead battery was covered by my extended warranty, would my car be considered a lemon?

  17. I purchased in 2013 a new Ford Focus titanium. It was ready for its 4th clutch by 19,000 miles l. It is an automatic transmission. It’s had three head liners , problems with the backup camera, on its third headliner and the horn quit working and was fixed, plus stitching came out of the passenger seat. I have went through the BBB procedure and was offered taxes and registration back plus interest on my auto Loan, plus a 55% approx. refund on a 100,000 extended warranty. But nothing for the 40 plus days the car was at the Ford Garage bring fixed . I am in Missouri. The next step is to decline their offer and attempt it legally . I am a licensed investigator that feels like I am getting the short end of the stick!

  18. My stepson bought his first vehicle less than a month ago, and his 1990 Chevrolet 1500 truck has already given him problems. It never smoked before he got it and ran like a champ and he is a great driver, never speeds, and doesn’t run his vehicle hard. Anyway driving to his job there was a loud boom and it went to smoking like it was on fire. The head gasket blew which was the loud boom, but I was wondering if his vehicle would apply to the lemon law, because he hasn’t made his first payment yet on the truck. I think the dealer that sold him his truck had doctored it up to just sell it and what my mechanic told me is that they had put tractor oil in the truck to keep it from smoking and that being such a heavy oil is what eventually is what caused the head gasket to blow

  19. I bought my 2001 Acura tl as is no warranty and have had it 30 days the check engine light came on a week after I leased telling me there is a cylinder 1 miss fire and now has gont to random misfires am I protected under the lemon law I live in commerce city co

  20. I bought a 2014 Toyota Corola S and its been in the shop 3 times same problem it has been couple of days again since I drove it and now won’t start.They have replaced the starter works for awhile and then doesn’t start dead it is under warranty but has to be towed every time. Its drawing power from somewhere when not in use.
    Whenever I don’t drive it for awhile it goes dead. They also replaced the battery. Do I have a lemon or what.

    Thank you

  21. We purchased a Mahindra tractor in June 2015 and it has been in the shop 3 times now. Twice for the same problem and the dealer can’t seem to fix it. Is this covered under the federal lemon law and do we have a case against Mahindra? We live in Florida.

  22. I had purchased a used vehicle in May 2015. It has given me nothing but headaches!! It is either in the garage or just parked in my driveway and unable to be driven. It is still under warranty!! The dealership is extremely difficult to work with. Also, their Corporate Office is very difficult to work with. I’m making payments, extremely HIGH payments, monthly. When I took the car off the lot it had a broken windsheild, that took about 4 weeks for the dealership to tell me where I needed to call for an appointment. My car had been pouring out white smoke and it was coming from between the hood and front fenders, there was no heat in car at all, after taking car to 2nd mechanic I got my car back and it was making a squealing sound. it was then diagnosed with blown head gaskets!, by the 3rd and 4th mechanic. They finally replaced the head gaskets. While it was at the 4th mechanic, the mechanic noticed that the car was squealing bad, it was from the work that the 2nd mechanic had done. I was told by the 4th mechanic that there was a lil gear that had broken off where the timing belt was so that also had to get fixed and he also had to change the pulley. Then my car was supposedly all done, went to pick it up and it was not ready cuz there was still no heat. The mechanic had to put in a new heater core. The Corporate Office refused to pay for any of the work that needed to be done. It has been to 4 different mechanics now. The 4th mechanic was the best out of all of them. I just got my car back with ALL the issues fixed, so I thought!! Now I got my car back on January 8, 2015. The very next day, Saturday, January 9th, 2015 I took my car out, i drove 4.4 miles. Car sat there for a good 2 hours, at least. I then drive the 4.4 miles back home and now the car is smoking from the front end. The 4th mechanic had told me it looks like someone put something min the radiotor to stop a leak. Now with the smoking in the front of the car my car just sits in the driveway until I can get it back into garage. And I will probably get stuck with that bill also. I really cant take much more with this car Everytime I think its fixed something else goes on the car!! I am paying much, much more than the car is even worth. The company is very difficult to work with and I have so had it with all of it!!! Is there anything that I can do??

  23. I purchased a 2007 Mazda CX-7 grand touring in March of last year I haven’t even had the vehicle a full year yet . This vehicle has been in the shop multiple times due to different issues . The check engine light can’t seem to stay off and they cannot find the problem it has been a total of four times to get this light resolved. The very next month after I got the vehicle I had to have the turbocharger replaced . I did buy the extended warranty for 2 years or 24,000 miles. I have had to pay $100 co-pay each time something needs to be replaced. I put four brand-new tires and brakes on this vehicle after only 10 months of ownership. I’ve mentioned a steering problem since I’ve gotten the vehicle and they can never figure out what it is. I have driven more lemon vehicles than my own car. I have done all the regular maintenance that they recommend every time it’s due. Do you think I have a case ?

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  25. Hello I bought a used 2001 Ford Focus from a used car lot Friday and the car broke down only 3 days after I bought it. It did not come with any warranty. Is there anything I can do?

  26. I have a 2015 explorer purchased new. It has had the front brakes and than rear brakes replaced, a belt, now suspension parts & a/c. how many repairs do I need before they will agree this is a lemon? It just turned a year old. I have been in the repair shop at Ford too many times throughout the year.

  27. Bought a 2007 Dodge stratus, it was overhreatin fix that, needs oil did that, needed a battery, bought that, then a couple days later just died and It needs a head gasket. Got it from a title loan company.

    • Bought a 2007 Dodge stratus, it was overhreatin fix that, needs oil did that, needed a battery, bought that, then a couple days later just died and the mechanic said It needs a head gasket. Got it from a title loan company. Less then 2 weeks ago

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  29. Does lemon law include purchasing from an individual. I have had my car for less than 30 days and it quit running, needs a tow, would like the owner to tow to his home and keep it.

  30. I went to JD by rider and got a 2007 Hyundai Accent and I didn’t realize the air bag icon kept popping up on my dashboard I’ve been paying on this car for three years now my first car no one said anything about my airbag light on until I got pulled over by the cops and he told me it shouldn’t be on if my car has been inspected and I said yes it has been inspected before no one said anything I still owe over 4000 on this car what should I do ?. It’s falling a part my door Handel fell off and parts under the hood has falling off and the stick that keeps my hood up broke off I’m just so pissed I’ve been a loyal and good customer paying for a piece of crap I’ve paid 6000 already on this car .

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