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  1. We bought a used Yukon 04 model a week ago. The odometer read 141K and we were assured by the dealer that was accurate. My husband went to put the insurance papers in it the other day and came across an odometer disclosure between the dealer and the previous owner and it read 202K in the year 2012. Also a DMV registration with 202K. We went back to dealer and was told the parts person changed the cluster but it wasn’t registered or disclosed to us. They refused to do anything other than buy it back but its our families only ride that holds us all!! And wouldn’t reimburse our taxes. Now they say they won’t do that because we didn’t take the offer as soon as they offered it. Do we have a case?

  2. I bought a 2014 Rav 4 limited in May 2014, still under warranty. Have had it in the shop 5 times during the last 2 months due to problems with the electrical system. Repairs last for maybe a week, then right back where it was. The back door won’t raise up, doors won’t lock, automatic lights won’t work, light stays on saying a door is open, but there isn’t. I have to have a dependable car!

  3. I have a 2011Dodge Ram,I bought this vehicle used. I have had to get it balanced approx: 10 times by Advantage Dodge in Farmington, NM and Lithia Dodge in Santa Fe, NM To include 2 different Discount Tire shops. It still has the same problem!!! I am very frustrated and have spent a lot of money and travel trying to get this fixed. What do you suggest???

  4. Yukon Denali 2015
    2 months old
    Replaced driver running board (motor issue)
    Replaced all circuits in driver side door panel(ratteling noses)
    Replaced OnStar computer
    Replaced complete inside door panel leather (rear passenger door)
    OnStar notice for starter/transmission issue currently in shop
    Rear tailgate door malfunction currently in shop

  5. We have a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan that was bought new last October. The van has died on me, in traffic, three times now. Power steering, brakes, everything… gone. I was able to restart the car each time, but I am terrified to drive it. We’ve taken it back to the dealership twice, and they claim that they can find nothing wrong with the van. So, I have 4 years left to pay on a vehicle that I’m afraid is going to cause us to be seriously injured, if not worse, when it decides to die in traffic again. All lights on the panel come on when it dies. The tire light, battery light, and airbag light tend to stay on for a while. This car also will not start many times when I try to crank it. I have to try up to 5 times to get it to start on some occasions. Such a disappointment since we bought the van as a way to have reliable transportation for me to transport our 6 month old baby.

  6. I bought a use mercury mountaineer from a private seller in may and have had the car and have had to fix over $1000 worth if issues to it before i could pas inspection , and now have had the car in the shop twice to fix axle,and a whole under the car and replace bolts in engine that was missing , just got the car out the shop last week after spending little over $1000 and now the transmission is giving problem

  7. I’ve got a 2000 Dodge Dakota So far since I’ve had it I replace the radiator rack and pinion wheel bearingsJust got it back in February of 2015Starting to look like I bought a lemon

  8. My daughter bought a car from a used car lot. We took the car to speeds for an oil change and were told they were unable to do it do to a missing bolt from engine &that the engine was shifting in a way he has never seen we told the deal and was told to take it back to his mechanic we did so and the mechanic said that he wasnt responsible for the missing bolt i ask if the car wasnot safe for my family and he said notold dealer and within a few days transmion went out when purchasing car wd told dealer we wanted a dependable car after all this we changed our mind on the car and just wanted our money back the dealer pleaded with us to please have the car fixed through the warranty and he would let us trade it for a different car also the car had major oil leak the car went back in front to the shop coming back with the same problem the dealer never let us trade in car after having the car fi xed through the warranty now here we are with a car2 payments from being paid offand engine goes out the deal told us to sale car to dmv for 1500 pay him 800 for the last payments and give him 1500 and give us another car boy his crazy. We paid him 400$ for15months what could we do

  9. I bought a 2010 malbu 1/15/16 , had to return it for repairs at least 4 times within the first 2 months of purchasing it. Was in shop nearly 4 weeks for one problem, Other problems..not even addressed after telling them many times. Finally the general manager offered to either give me my money back or trade it. A few days later.. they turned around and said no refund. And the trade would cost me more! Claiming they did not have a vehicle available for the same price. I was lied to many times within that 2 month period. Is there anything I can do about this?

  10. DO NOT purchase vehicles from Jackie Cooper BMW in Edmond, Oklahoma. The cars look nice but they aren’t worth the money.

  11. We bought a used 2008 Rio from a dealer who said the only thing wrong was the a/c didn’t work. Well needless to say on my way home I was given a ticket for RT rear light is out. The same day the power steering when out. He picked the car up the next day repaired fine. It ran good for a couple of days, now the car stalls I took it to Auto Zone. I changed the part that needed out of pocket, but the car still not running good I want a refund.

  12. GMC Beachwood Sean Prude sold me 2012 terrain with the check engine light on an rear tail light out 37 days later the motor locked up I was told I had to have 1900 up front to purchase a warranty by Vicky Carrubba I was not given the option to have it put in my note now I’m stuck with a car I can’t drive and have to make my first note on they had no plans on giving me a warranty

  13. So I bought a 2005 BMW M3 with 50,000 miles . I’ve had it for about 8 months now and the hydraulic pump went out. I also have an engine leak with can be brakes or something else. And I think I’m going to have transmission problems soon its an SMG. I brought it to the BMW dealership and they said h warranty does not cover it. and tried to charge me $10,000 I paid 18,000 for the car so I do not want to put another 10,0000 into it.

  14. I bought a 2006 f250 6.0 desiel from a used car dealer in valley park mo I traded in my 1999f350 desiel dually for it witch I got screw on any way but I have only had it for two months I have only made two payments on it and now the brain has shorted out I haven’t had a ride anywere for 3 weeks and the dealer I bought it from told me to damn bad nothing he can do for me , the new brain cost 1700$ and I talk to the last owner of the truck and he said the brain went bad on him twice since I’m second owner this make it the 3rd 1700$ brain for this truck the truck only has 143,000 mile on a diesel motor is still unhurt but I am just at a lost what can I do

  15. I purchased a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica had 113,000 miles…check engine light came on 3 days after signing papers. Drove to Fla. 1300 miles and alternator needed to be replaced…had car 2 weeks at this point and new battery. Drove home on way home throttle stuck and brakes froze, was caused by faulty cruise module. Car dealership would not pay to replace alternator stated not covered on warranty. My argument was i have had it for 2 weeks, their reply was ‘normal weae and tear unforeseen issues we did know that was going bad’ Not sure what can be done, help!!!

  16. I just bought a car 2016 Chevy Cruze a few weeks ago, it hasnt been even a month old and the power steerting went out while I was driving. It only had a 1,000 miles on it. Had car towed back to delearship they said they couldnt find anything wrong. Then when I talked to service person they said the steering is defective and they will replace it. I just didnt want the car back only for safety concerns. What if it happens again, I am just not willing to take that chance especially with a vehicle.

  17. Richard/Lorna Laney

    We bought a brand new 2015 Highlander and from the very beginning, it has issues with not starting…They have replaced the battery three times, but if it sits for one day without starting, battery is dead…There are many bells and whistles involved, but something is not right…We have filled out the lemon law papers but the dealership doesn’t want to sign them..They want to find out the cause, meantime, we are 76 years old , thinking this would be our last car…We cannot depend on it..It is garaged..Right now they have had the car for 3 weeks trying to find the cause… they left us with a corolla…I do not drive it as I have neck issues from a snowmobile accident years ago and this is like riding in a buck board so to speak…The reason we bought the Highlander is consumer rates it high… I am stressed and frustrated with this going back and forth…The thought of going through so much turmoil is discouraging..Any thoughts or words of advice?

  18. Richard Calestini

    Bought a 2003 dodge ram 2500 pickup truck in September. Bought a warranty for it. The biggest rip off. But the truck broke down one thing after another. The mechanic told the warranty company that the engine is no good but they did not want to hear that. The place I bought it from told me it had over 150,000 miles on it so they do not cover it. The only problem it has awrotted chassis and It will not pass inspection. I paid 8000 dollar in September for this truck drive it for one month and the owner of the place I bought it from does not want to do anything about it. I was told by one of the salesman that works for him that he goes to auctions and if the vehicle looks good he buys it cleans it up and puts it on his lot sells it. One time in the beginning he lend me a truck while my truck was getting fix and transmission went on it. He should be liable for my truck and pay for the repairs. The place is in Cetereach.

  19. I traded my 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 hemi edition for 2010 lancer ! The guy did not tell me it was rtitle and I got all the messages all he said tire light was on ! He drove it with bad caliber here and now it needs a erg which new ones 300 to 400! His names Jessie woods he straight ripped me off and I am single mother and don’t know what to do about it ! Plus asc will not work braking systems my truck was at least 5 g cash and that car only worth 1000 if that ! Haven’t even had the car a month!

  20. I have a 2015 Jeep Cherokee and my digital display will read “service shifter” when this comes in at first if you are at a stop the jeep will not move. You have to turn the car off then back in for the code to reset and continue with driving. However if this comes on while driving you are not able to accelerate past your current speed at all. It took the dealership 6 MONTHS to figure out the problem! Turns out the gear shifter stops recognizing what gear you are in and can cause worse damage if not replaced. The shifter has now been replaced twice in less than a year. It was just replaced about a month ago and starting to have the same issues again. Not to mention there is a horrible coolant smell that you have to keep the window cracked because the smell just about gags you in the car. But of course no one can find a leak of any kind and stated it’s fine don’t worry about it. Do I have a Lemon on my hands ??

  21. Bought 2014 f150 with body lift started driving funny squealing tires in curves front tires shifted foward rubbing front fenders took in for alignment seen where front differential was held in place by 1 bolt other bolt holes won’t align up to each other also brackets were cur and fabricated differential is sitting on frame of truck also frame has been cut out to allow differential to drop down in place it allows steer axles to move in and out enough that it swells in curves even at slow speeds if bolt breaks differential falls down axles come out very dangerous set up differential can b moved up down side to side bought it 8 months ago from superior Nissan in Conway Arkansas 25k factory warranty up to 37k extended to 60k question this is Not fixable got 2 mechanics shop opinion is it against law to sell a unsafe vehicle like this I thought dealers ships had to inspect trade in vehicle for safety hazards before selling it with all warranty I have was told I was stuck paying 25k for truck that’s not DRIVABLE

  22. I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze that has already had to have the intake manifold replaced over a year and a half ago and now my car has a major coolant leak that can’t seem to be fixed. Tuesday will be my 4th attempt to have a certified dealership fix the problem. My car just hit the 50K mile mark…do I have a case??

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